Saturday, April 30, 2011

Xbox 360 users, beware of the KILLER FNV PATCH!

There was a recent update to Fallout New Vegas to install the trophies/achievments for their next expansion pack, Honest Hearts. The new patch corrupts save data rendering it unusable. The ps3 version which I use doesn't appear to have fallen prey to it and there's no reports of the PC version either.

Minecraft super PE project

Hey everyone, I recently did a review of Minecraft and in it I felt I never made anything BIG and anything that had a WOW factor. I don't count my Seatlle Space needle with Minecart coaster BIG because it just looks too simple so I decided to make something big. The PE in my PE project stands for Planet Express. I made a to scale model of the Planet Express space ship from Futurama with interior and thought i'd share it here on the blog.
High view of the ship itself, (Black notch on the top is enterance)

Wing at an early stage
Early side view W/ Foundations


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Update on PSN + XBOX wants in too?

So recently (Monday to be exact) Sony came out and decided to announce, 5 days later mind you, that our details, including name, adress, phone numbers and credit card details could've been stolen. Now if they were to announce this when they found out (Friday) I would've been more understandable. However they decided to save their fucking hides and announce on MONDAY that these could be in the possession by
  • A) A thief
  • B) Internet Hackers
  • C) A Paedophile
  • D) A paedophillic internet thief...
I think it's fucking despicable that it's taken this long. However, I'm not going to move to the other side because of this, one because I use phoney details, two, I stress to anyone that says otherwise that online isn't everything. I'll update you all with info as I get it.

There was also rumours of Xbox Live being infiltrated as all banned account are unbanned, so the only one can brag about security in the last year is the Wii... but that's a wii so it just can't brag (I'm an owner of one myself but it's online is worse than pathetic.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Well Nintendo have officially confirmed the existence of the successor to the best-selling Wii. It's to have specs greater than that of the ps3, A controller with a HD touch screen in the middle.

The codename ; "Project Café" in the last few hours has also been confirmed in a sense,, a site for Nintendo developers has set up a page entitled Café. However a password is needed to access it so... just the name for the time being...
But it is confirmed to be playable at E3 so that's something to look forward to. Until next time.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Assassins Creed Brotherhood review.

Assassins Creed, A series which has stormed the next gen series of consoles. Originally set in the middle east the character plays as Altair, then in Assassins Creed 2 you play as Ezio Auditoré De Firenze, a descendant of Altair. Ezios father and two brothers are killed by the templar order, an order bent on controlling all of humanity. Ezio exacts revenge by becoming what his ancestors were... an Assassin. During the events of Assassins creed 2, you take down the templar order bit by bit, until you "kill" their leader, the pope, Rodrigo Borgia. Now I say "Kill" because Ezio let's him, stupidly, go. This is the general plot of Assassins Creed 2. Assassins Creed Brotherhood takes place directly after. I got it on Tuesday and this is my review.

As I said already it takes place directly after the cliffhanger ending of Assassins Creed 2, showing us a quick glimpse of the ending of brotherhood not 2. I don't know why they tried to do this but they explain in game that there's a technical glitch and you must start straight after you finished. GREAT STORY TELLING THERE ( I am being VERY sarcastic there). Then after a quick re-fresher of the controls, we get to play as Desmond Miles, Ezios present day Descendant who to is an assassin trying to defeat the templars. Desmond must enter a machine called an Animus(A machine which lets you re-enact the memories stored in a persons DNA) in order to find out the location of the piece of Eden, an artifact which could save the world from the templar order.

This game is essentially a repeat of the story of Assassins Creed 2 story. Ezio gets an Assassin order to get an apple of Eden. It's even the same characters more or less, execept the brothels owner is replaced by Ezios sister. The only big change is the protagonist, Chezoré Borgia, Rodrigos son, so even there there isn't much of a change. As far as gameplay is concerned there is a bit of an improvement. Horse fighting is more accurate and has been expanded. Guns and throwing knives have been introduced to Sword combat. Heavy Weapons are now permanently equip-able. The Free Running I find is more accurate. A crossbow has been introduced for silent long range Assassinations. The ability to call in fellow Assassins was introduced, however I don't think they did as much as they could've done, classes as in Heavy, weapons, sword, Crossbow, gun Assassins or just Customizable groups would've made it better. A big no-no for me was the fact that there's only ONE city, Rome. The architecture is the same essentially for miles making the map pretty boring in Comparison to the variety in Assassins Creed 2. It's essentially a slightly enlarged Florence. Although there was some fun new minigames such as the Borgia towers, where you assassinate the captain of Borgias forces in an area then burn the tower to start to give people hope.

The music in this game too, was stolen from Assassins Creed 2. With very little music being able to stand out. The only one I can recall ,which was good, is the theme, which happened during the loading of some of the chapters. The graphics in this game have had little improvement as well. There's better graphics in terms of water but that's about it.

So let's see if you can guess if I enjoyed this...
What I liked;
  1. Better combat with weapons
  2. New minigames
What I disliked
  1. Regurgitated Graphics
  2. Regurgitated Music
  3. Regurgitated Story
  4. Regurgitated levels
  5. Regurgitation making me regurgitate my dislikes
  6. Flawed Notoriety system
To name but a few.

I was a big fan of Assassins Creed 2, I didn't like the First however. I expected a lot more from the series that made me want to get the platinum trophy (For Xbox and Computers, It's the equivalent of getting all the achievements) . This game really dissapointed me and it's getting a 5/10. That being said, I did enjoy playing but felt cheated out with the simaler story etc snf felt it was just an extended expansion pack.Hopefully Assassins Creed 3 will re-kindle my love for the series. Now i'm off to kill the team who came up with brotherhood, Hopefully they aren't doing number 3...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Minecraft Review

Minecraft, It's the Facebook of Indie games in terms of it's wildfire spread of popularity and it's huge profit for it's creator "Notch". Since I first was on the internet, I've been an avid fan of the site: Funnyjunk .After a while I began to notice something. A lot of the jokes on this site included these sad looking cactai. I wasn't sure what they were apart from their name and where they from. These were obviously the creepers from Minecraft. So being the curious chap I am, I googled Minecraft. Found out that you needed to pay and with the classic outdated version not loading for me I gave up. A few months later, A friend of mine told me all about it. He explained it in great detail and urged me to look up a torrent for it and Play it, I did and I did and this is what I have to say about the past month I played for it.

At first, I was confused, It was an 8 bit game with no form of real tutorial and only found help, while it was VERY good help on the Minecraft wiki and Youtube. I soon found myself building a grotty little cave with a small light. Then darkness enveloped the land. My friend told me to beware what comes out at night and the videos confirmed it. Then I met the internet meme I had known for a good while. I had sealed up my cave completely apart from a small window to know when it's morning, turns out it saw me. There was quiet, a hisssss then boom. My small cave was annihilated. Turns out the depressed Cactai were suicide bombers... well they are depressed. Then came Zombies, Skeletons and Spiders OH MY! I died of course but I still enjoyed it. I soon became accustomed to the short safety hours of daylight and the dangers of caves. I built a shack on a lake originally, expanded it to a house and after hours of watching Frasier, turned that into a Seattle Space Needle reaching the top of the map, and yesterday after enjoying many a day on Minecraft spent 15 euro and turned my crappy Alpha Torrent into a legit Beta game.
A Minas Tirrith castle, Credit goes to unknown owner

What is Minecraft? Many people have different definitions for it. Mine is that it's MS paint + Lego + Basic Rpg Survival game = Minecraft. You mine blocks and craft 'em, Into official items, make art, interesting sculptures, whatever you want it's up to you. I've made flaming KISS logos, A heartagram (from the finnish band HIM), Space invaders and so on. That was my alpha account, which is quite basic in comparison to the beta game. I've made a large castle now, complete with kitchen, crafting room, lava moat, Seattle tower with a minecart riding up and down for easy transport instead of climbing a lot of stairs + Many more. Minecraft does have things to stop you from making your dream world. A shady bunch of characters called Mobs which deliver pixelated terror into even the most hardened adventurer. These range from skeletons to Zombies to Ghosts and of course the Creepers and more. However if Combat isn't to your taste (Or if you just want a cheeky head start) you have the option to remove them by changing the difficulty.

The graphics in this game are infamous for the MS paint like appearance but people are forgetting that this was originally one guy working on his own. Sure he probably has a team of people under his belt now along with about 5 million dollars but personally, I wouldn't like a World of Warcraft graphics scheme. I like the Graphics in this game, it's part of it's charm. Now I know that I complained about the graphics of Pokémon in my first Rest in Peace post but Minecraft is the first in a series and has been around for 2 years with many improvements. Pokemon has been around for about 15 years with VERY little BIG improvements ( I do not call 150 new pokemon an improvement, I call that milking)

The music in Minecraft is very pleasant, it's a piano score however it, like the graphics are lowered in quality. I've actually downloaded the soundtrack and have played it while relaxing, reading or even playing a lite game with little action such as Little Big Planet. It creates a pleasant effect and is fitting for the theme of creating. There's also eerie ambient sound effects, which only add to the tone of fear when nearing the enemy mobs hideouts.

Minecraft is open source allowing for many updates, not only from Notch but the players. I got a few skins to dress up my plain dreary character. I've gone from a Blue clad plain man to Ezio to Bear Grylls to an 8 Bit Link from Zelda. Even if you don't like the 8 Bit MS paint graphics there are plenty of fan made texture packs to up the graphics. There are also plenty of fan made servers to suit your taste.

So what did I like/ Dislike in Minecraft,

  1. Ingenuity behind the game
  2. The amazing variety when it comes to crafting
  3. Open Source-ness
  4. The fun behind simply mining rocks and crafting them
  5. The cheap price for a great game
  1. Music although pleasant sometimes it doesn't play
  2. Bugs
  3. The infrequency of updates despite the huge profits notch has received

So my overall review?
Minecraft is an amazing game that is well worth the €15/$20. Even though it's in the beta stage it's very enjoyable and i'm looking forward to the 11/11/11 release date. I urge you to at least give it a try because I have a strong feeling you'll enjoy it
Now THAT'S a treehouse

Sony confirms outside hackers disrupted PSN

Late Wednesday/ Early Thursday, PSN went down. This really annoyed me, even though I rarely do play games online thanks to my shitty internet but I wanted to try play a Co-Op game of Dead Rising 2 with a friend only to see an error. I dismissed this as a minor repair thing that Sony does every month or so for a few hours. Next day the same and the next. I thought something was wrong and my epic search across the Google main page instantly revealed what the gaming public strongly believed they had an idea. Anonymous. Now last month I made a post about Anonymous disrupting some PSN features. This was a bit minor to me as very little consoles went offline. However this time it's world wide. From America to Japan, from Australia to right here in Ireland, Ps3's remain without a network. This rumour that it could've been anonymous confused me as Geohot (guy who jailbroke the Ps3 and was being sued, initial reason for the original attack) and Sony settled. Now a lot of the internet and I myself believe, that this is the work of some splinter cell of Anonymous, still trying to prove themselves to be big men. As Herbert Daring Dashwood once said, Bad Form Ms. Chase, Bad form...


Ok so a LOT of big blockbuster superhero movies are coming out this summer;
  1. Thor
  2. Captain America
  3. Green Lantern
  4. X-Men First Class
I was just wondering, which of these movies are YOU the reader looking forward to the most and why. Personally for me, I think that X-Men first class is the most exciting. Don't get me wrong, I'm eagerly awaiting Captain America and Thor (Never liked DC things so Green Lantern isn't a big deal for me) but I've been a huge fan of X-Men for years. It's one of the few series that I actually read the comics. Even though one of my Favourite actors (Kelsey Grammer) is being replaced when it comes to playing Beast I'm still looking forward to it and I can see this as possibly giving birth to the series again, seeing as the writers of Last Stand decided to be pricks and tried to kill the series off as they went down by killing off main characters/ removing their powers; Rogue, Xavier, Magneto come to mind.

Well anyway, what's the movie you're looking forward to most?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And Of Course My Microphone Is Broken......

So something I was planning to do over the course of the Gears Of War 3 Beta was to give some commentary. Unfortunately my microphone decides to break just when I was about to get off the beta and actually do it. So sadly there is going to be a delay until I get my new microphone which shouldn't take long, I have recorded quite a lot of footage and have already picked the games I am going to talk about. Anyway truly sorry about this delay, if you want you can subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay ahead. I will be definitely posting it here anyway.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Machete Review

I don't think i've ever done a movie review, so why not start now.

"He knows the score. He gets the women, And he kills the bad guys!" - Tagline

Machete is a roller coaster comedy (In a grotesque sort of way) action movie injected with 100% pure testosterone. The story follows Machete Cortez (Danny Trejo), Ex- Assassin who is brought back into the game to kill a very racist Senator, Senator John McGloughlin (Robert De-Niro) who plans to deport all Mexican immigrants in the state of Texas but first force them to build an Electric fence going all along the border of the U.S.A and Mexico. When approached at a labor camp by Michael Booth (Jeff Fahey) at a labour camp he has no choice but to say no. However it's a set up, Machete is shot in the leg and framed as the assassin and John McLaughlin gets a lot of propoganda points. The story then takes turn after turn and is revealed to be something far bigger than Machete could have imagined.
The general story I thought was very well written, with gruesome action with a side of comedy coming along for the trip. The violence is simaler to that of Fallout, Except in real life, it even sneaks it in in clever little ways. I never before knew that a Small intestine could be used as a bungee rope but now I do. There is strong nudity in the film, in the opening scene a stark naked woman takes a phone out of...well her... you know... So this movie definitly isn't a movie that you'd take your sainted mother/ girlfriend to see. This movie was originally meant to be a parody of action blockbusters but funnily enough became one.

The film features a well known group of actors: Danny Trejo (Predators, Fallout: New Vegas), Lindsey Lohan (Herbie: Fully Loaded, Mean Girls (And she certainly lives up to her reputation as there is a lesbian make out scene in the film featuring her)) Robert De Niro (Meet the Fockers, Goodfellas), Jessica Alba ( Fantastic Four, Dark Angel), Stephen Seagal, Don Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Jeff Fahey and Cheech Marin. So there's a little bit of everyone from every genre.
"In the name of my father"

The music and special effects get two thumbs up from me. Lots of well done explosions, Decapitations, disembowling etc.

This film is a BIG win in my opinion, Lots of explosions, blood, comedy and great one liners, just what I like in my movies. I think it deserves a 8.5/10. It was a great film all around but left a large plot hole. Let's hope there'll be a sequel like they joked about at the end to tie these off.

What I liked :
  1. Comedic Violence
  2. Original Sound-Track
  3. Colourful cast (Bar one, See below)
What I disliked
  1. BIG plothole
  2. Lindsey Lohan ( Call me a spawn of Doctor Cox from Scrubs but I just don't like her as a person and her roles irritate me in movies(This didn't change my score as that wouldn't be fair just thought i'd say it))
Very handsome man isn't he?

Gears Of War 3 Beta Begins in.....

Check back here at the Bl4rG for some commentary and video comparisons from Gears Of War 3 multiplayer to Gears Of War 2.

Looking forward till tomorrow, here's me excited! 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Introducing The Supaboy! (My Childhood is now Portable!)

Do you ever get those day's when someone invents your childhood into a hand-held device? Well fortunately for me, the folks at Hyperkin have successfully created a portable Super Nintendo Entertainment System that still uses those beautiful cartridges! 

What I love about this device is that its in the shape of SNES's controller so there is already familiarity with the device. But what is truly amazing about the Supaboy is that you can connect it to your television and connect two controllers up to the device for you and a mate to enjoy some retro gaming. 

It doesn't come with the controllers, and is slated for a summer release date (hopefully). The price should be roughly around the $60 - $70 dollar mark. Sadly the device only uses North American cartridges which is vital when your going on Ebay to re-buy some of the classics. 

Have to admit this is an amazing hand-held, while people are going nuts over the newly released 3DS I am already scheduling to buy this device when it is released. Cant wait to get back into the ole' Street Fighter 2 and Mario! 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Twisted Metal Trailer is HERE!

Twisted Metal, The chaotic car combat game was announced to be remade at E3 2010. An American friend of mine sent me the E3 video link and I was blown away. Car Combat with pure testosterone injected into it. I got Twisted Metal 1 put on my psp the other day and while it's from 1995 it is certainly a good laugh. So i'm REALLY excited to see the new Twisted Metal out exclusivly for the ps3 on the 4th of October.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It looks like I've been playing GTA 4 wrong and that the media is right as always...

I'm sure a lot of you heard of the chap from Rio who went into an old school of his and shot up the place killing 13 people and injuring a dozen more. Like with many shooting and terrorist acts, Video games have been blamed. Games like Doom, GTA and more recently Call of Duty, have been training villans with their over use of violence. Just like American media giant FOX said Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 with the level "No Russian" where you kill civilians mercilessly, is training terrorists and was blamed for the suicide bombing in a Russian airport about 4 months ago. I enjoyed this level. Not because of the killing of civilians, which I know is a really touchy subject among people, but the fact that it was different. It made it more real. Soldiers don't run around using BB guns to shoot people, although the media would probably try and pull that off the shelves for being excessively violent.
This is adding Brazils head newspaper, "O Globo", to my list of "Media Giant Gobshites" along with Sky News UK - "THERE'S A CEASEFIRE IN LIBYA" FUKUSHIMA (PRONOUNCED BY NEWS ANCHOR FUCKUSH-I-MA) IS IN MAJOR MELTDOWN)
FOX News for the earlier MW2 scandal.

Apparently, Wellington Menezes de Oliveira, the guy responsible for the shooting was a fan of GTA IV and what did "O Globo" say? They said it's a very violent game that REWARDS you POINTS for killing women and CHILDREN and the elderly. Call me an idiot but in my playthrough of GTA IV, I didn't see a child and never saw points when I killed women. Maybe my game is deffective. Silly old Brazilians... Know before you post...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Legend Of Zelda Orcarina of Time gets a release date!?

Yes it's finally got one. It's June 19th in America but they usually release Nintendo titles earlier in Europe by a small bit so possibly the 17th?

Rest in Peace 2 - Ratchet and Clank

Before you get a bit of a fright, No Ratchet and Clank are fine. I'm talking about R.I.P in a different respect. Also this is going to be a series I do now. The first one was the one I did on Pokémon a few weeks back.

Ratchet and Clank were one of the biggest hits on the Ps2 and along with the fact that they were made by Insomniac games, the original owners of Spyro, really helped them onto the (then) next gen market. Ratchet and Clank 1 was one of the 3 games I got with my ps2 when I got it one Christmas many years ago. Whenever I went into toy shops and saw a ps2, I immediatly ran to check what game is there. If it was Ratchet and Clank i'd run through the demo in an attempt to break a record time I had set. So obviously I was excited when I pulled back the wrapping paper on Christmas morning to have the cheeky grin of the Lombax from Veldin with a little robot on his back.
Go to 2:52 to see one of my favourite moments from gaming.

My best friend too got this and we were both addicted to it and completed it over and over again. Last I checked I had 10 re-plays on it. Ratchet and Clank 1 had a great story, it had a wide variety of colourful characters, it had humour, original brilliant music, wide variety of weapons (Some silly, some serious) so when you can assume I was excited when I recieved a Ratchet and Clank 2 demo in the post. Yet again I replayed the same level over and over, being overwhelmed by the new controls, weapons, planets etc. It wasn't long before I snatched it up and played through it. It was even better than the last and was in my top 3 games. There was even more silly humour that still makes me chuckle to this day, more crazy weapons, more worlds and monsters than you could shake a monkey at. First person mode was one of the big highlights for me. I broke various stats that the came couldn't hold like having so much money it just appeared as random symbols on the save screen.

The next year I got the sequel... Ratchet and Clank 3. This was even more exciting as I was forced to wait a month until I got it at Christmas and it was around this time I found out about the gaming community lurking on the internet. I created my E-mail account, Signed up to insomniacs news letter and used google to find any and all clips relating to Ratchet and Clank 3. More features, more new Guns and most exciting to me... Multiplayer. Me and my best friend spent countless hours on the multiplayer. Bombing each other in ships, crushing each other in futuristic half tracks. But in the campaign... something was missing. The campaign was much shorter than the others, more boring too and was so repetitive that Déja vu extreme would be putting it mildly, Weapons had decreased by a fair number. I was slightly dissapointed that this was done to one of my favourite series.

The following year came Ratchet Gladiator. This was when I began to think about the series ending .The graphics became a bit too cartoony. The original charm was gone. The 50+ weapons and gadgets from R&C2 had been decreased down to a miserable 10... The story became shorter. I once clocked 4 hours 30 minutes from completing it. That's shorter than most Call of Duties today... The game just didn't seem that fun any more. In fact it just seemed like a disc filled with flashy explosions. While they did replace the old multiplayer with a better version it just wasnt the game I loved 3 years previously.
Only one bit I liked and that was the ending, no that isn't that the ending me happy it was this one cutscene :

Finally, December 31st, 2009. I got my ps3. I got a few games for a lend off of a neighbour like Metal Gear 4, Prototype and a few more. The next day I went into Dublin City Centre went to my favourite game shop. Picked up my own copy of MGS4 and Ratchet and Clank 6, A crack in time. Why did I buy it after being so dissapointed with my last encounter. Blu-Ray. I honestly thought that on a Blu-Ray disc it really would've turned around. I was wrong. Better Graphics yes but it became worse in terms of weapons and Campaign 11 weapons in Ratchet 4, from what I could see... there was 9 on Ratchet 6...on a Blu Ray disc. I looked up how far away from the end I was 4 hours in. Turns out I was about 3 levels away. So I pressed the little Ps button in the middle of my controller, Slid over to the CD icon, pressed Triangle and hit eject disc. On January the second, the day after I bought it, My Ratchet and Clank 6 was traded in and coverted into Call of Duty World at War and Little Big Planet 1 with enough change to buy myself a Slushee. Silly Gamestop didn't know what they got in for...

This was an amazing title and very much like Pokémon, Insomniac threw this crap on top of us without even having the decency of calling it shit.

So Rest in Peace Ratchet and Clank... Rest in Peace

AMAZING!!New Footage of Street Fighter X Tekken!

A lot of media was released for the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken, and with a lot of content to look through its no doubt that this game will be one of this years biggest hypes. 

So for those of you who are just recognising yourself with this game now, you should be aware that this is the most awesome thing since sliced bread! Everyone knows the big three of the fighter genre is Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Tekken and thinking about a crossover for any two of these series would be absolute madness back in their hay day. 

But yet again here we are with two rival video game series becoming one full game, finally there wont be any more bickering of which is the better of the two crossovers. This time it will be done on the battlefield! 

Check out the awesome gameplay and characters! 

This interview explains how they are going to integrate both of the fighting series into one game! 

I am defiantly going to pick this up, considering I really liked Marvel vs Capcom 3 and really want to get my teeth into a new crossover! 

Gears Of War 3 Beta Starts Next Week! New Footage! UPDATE....

A game I am furiously anticipating in the coming weeks is the Gears Of War 3 Beta. Gears is pretty much my favourite video game series right now and I just cant get enough of it, the games, the comics and the novels (yes there are books!) is just all amazing. 

So its obvious that next week, the launch of the Gears 3 Beta to Bulletstorm players, will be all that I am playing. Considering that I will have 2 straight weeks off I am going to do nothing but play this beta and try to get all the unlockables for the full game. That would include Thrash Ball Cole, Golden Plancer and all the flaming weapons such as the Lancer above. 

But for those of you who are joining me and are still pondering on whether to join in, check out these video below to show off the raw gameplay of Gears Of War 3 Beta.

Expect video's from myself and possibly some commentary to go along it to talk about some of the new features and what I think about them.

Only a few more days!!!

So just after I posted this a video arisen with Epic Games explaining why they have a beta and what they expect from it. The video pretty much explains what the developers are hoping to achieve and how they are taken full advantage of the delay implemented to them by Microsoft. The Beta gives them an advantage most games don't get the opportunity to do, unlike Gears Of War 2 the next instalment Gears Of War 3 will have the full advantage to try out the new dedicated servers and to look for glitches so that they don't appear in the full game coming out in September 20 this year. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Deadpool Movie Finally Gets A Director! Good News and Bad News!

The long due Deadpool movie finally gets a director and finally lifts itself out of the monstrosity film industry limbo. Tim Miller is the man for the job making this his directional debut and possibly a lift from usual repertoire of his CGI career.

The man has some familiarity with Marvel, working on CGI in both X-Men movie's, and seems to have worked on a fare few comic book movie adoptions such as Scott Pilgirm vs the World  and Daredevil. The screenplay is written by Rhett Reese whose most notable work is Zombieland. And the movie will departure from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, thank god for that piece of news.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that Ryan Reynolds who's a fan favourite to play Wade Wilson/Deadpool is looking unlikely. Even though he shows interest in the project and that "his dream come true" would be a full adaptation of the Deadpool comic, Ryan Reynolds is just really busy. Everyone (males included) all want Ryan Reynolds to take his top off, and because of this Hollywood want him in everything. The fact that he is a full on pretty boy, makes it a difficulty for him to play Deadpool. Wade Wilson is scarred and mutated and doesn't take his mask off to often, think this will go down well for studio heads? Don't think so.....

But then again, Ryan has much enthusiasm for Deadpool and I wouldn't tear him off yet. I am just pointing out that if it goes ahead that Deadpool is played by Ryan Reynolds, it more than likely wont be the Deadpool we all know and love.

Well we will find out soon when a trailer appears, but until then we will have to wait and see.   

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