Saturday, July 23, 2011

Old World Blues Review

Well Fallout fans, another New Vegas expansion has touched down, this one entitled Old World Blues. I played and completed it and just thought i'd let you know what I thought

The story of Old World Blues takes your character to the Big MT (Or big mountain or big Empty whatever you want to call it). You are to rescue a group of scientists from pre war America, who survive as brains in jars, from an ex-member of their group Dr. Mobius. However you have been lobotomized, heartisized and spinisized ( I may have made up the last two terms but to put it simply they took your brain,heart and spine). However you can't get you're brain back because DON DON DOOOOOONNNN they flushed it down the toilet and it's now in Mobiuss hands. The brains enlist your help to stop Mobius and so on and so forth.
While great at science, The think tanks knowledge on various things

The story in this? Possibly the most interesting of the New Vegas DLC's and DEFINITLY the most funniest of all Fallout Dlcs. The opening dialogue with the various scientists was pure hilarity, at least if you enjoy the random idiocy humour in Fallout. In the first hour I
  • Had my toes and fingers mistaken from crazy irect penises
  • Was given an idea about Penis size
  • Found a Robo-sexuality easter egg (At least I think it relates to the Robo-sexuality episode of Futurama)
  • Had a robot ermm.... sexually relieve itself onto a gun of mine
  • Had a robot sexually relieve itself over my characters breathing in and out
While these may sound like crude sex jokes that rival Duke Nukem Forevers humour it's way off. Imagine Portals intelligent humour mixed with idiotic robotic humour (So a sexually confused group of Wheatleys then).
This is the VERY robot who... sexually relieved herself from my breathing. Here's a snippet from the Fallout Wiki : "Dala has a fascination with the human body, and after a Perception speech check she will admit to wanting to watch the Courier breathe. During the initial meeting with her and the other scientist upon entering The Think Tank, she will make a number of obscure to not so obscure sexual references, including several concerning female masturbation."
New Content:
The Big MT is a VERY large area. From the looks of things I'd say it's slightly smaller than what Point Lookout was which is still VERY big. There's various locations and unmarked ones. There's a lot of new weapons and armour included. Mainly this is Energy weapon related ( I assume to combat the regular guns and melee weapons of Honest Hearts). My favourite item is the Stealth Suit Mk. 3. There are various challenges hidden throughout the big MT which will upgrade selected items in your inventory. E.g. When testing the stealth armour it gives you a small sneaking boost and by the end it gives you a colossal sneaking boost. There is also a new house on offer to you in the Big MT which can include private shops, gun mods, doctors, hair dressers and of course storage space.

Nothing to lose your head over....(I chuckled at it...)
On a side note the patch that includes the compatability for the DLC has greatly improved playback. In the whole play through I only froze twice and one of them was back in the wasteland which is a huge boost compared to the horrific crash and full on ps3 data corruption I got from Honest Hearts.
Crazy huge machine gun... Check

So overall what did I think and where did it place in my Fallout DLC list?

This was definitly the best written one, in terms of comedy that is but it does have a good enough story line. The new items were great and can see myself returning here for various slaughtering of the local populace (The bad guys not the good guys)

This gets a 8.5/10 for a dlc.

The reasons being that it still had freezes and occasional lag, something which Obsidian/Bethesda although they say do it and stop freezing and lag, can't actually do but it still was entertaining all around. In terms of where it places in my favourite DLC from Fallout

  1. Point Lookout
  2. Broken Steel/Old World Blues
  3. Broken Steel/ Old World Blues
  4. The Pitt
  5. Dead Money
So you can see that I enjoyed this A LOT. Until next time ;)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Fucking Hate You Capcom

Although this was heavily speculated news it doesn't come as a surprise that Capcom release the 'Ultimate' edition to Marvel vs Capcom, less than 9 months after the original game. 

In case people don't understand why this is shitty news let me bring you to the perspective of someone (me) who bought it on its first day. Well it begins when you pay full price for the game which includes 36 characters, a fair amount to choose from but gets boring after a month. There sadly is no character packs until a month or two after its release when they unveil two characters in separate DLC for 400 Microsoft Points each. A fair deal for a cunt like Capcom to offer? Yea, plus don't forget the additional DLC that allowed you to put on different costume's for specific characters for once again 400 Microsoft Points. If anything those characters and the costume pack should have been fucking free. I don't know about you but I was expecting Capcom to have a full roster of downloadable character packs for a fair price like they had with Street Fighter IV. If you look at the way Street Fighter IV did it, you'll find it a very reasonable way for releasing content beside the Ultimate Edition for Marvel vs Capcom 3. Street Fighter IV started off with the the character pack and then a year later released its Super edition containing all characters plus new game types. Its Arcade edition, which has just been released recently, gives players new characters to play such as Evil Ryu and Oni. This obviously belong to new people who haven't owned a copy of Street Fighter IV or the really hardcore Street Fighter IV fans that want to try out the new characters. 

Now contrast that to Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom. I don't think anyone can think of Capcom in a positive light, I mean sure we're finally getting new characters but I have to buy a brand new fucking game for them. Its not worth it, and its not what the loyal fans (which I dont consider myself to be) deserve. Capcom sure know how to fuck over its fans, doggy style.

Besides getting ripped off, I want to make sure that my purchase for MvC3 doesn't go to waste. I honestly will be picking up this game obviously trading in my copy of Marvel Vs Capcom 3 for the Ultimate edition. The Marvel fanboy inside me does quite like the first bunch of characters introduced to this game. I may be getting ripped off, but I never said MvC3 was a bad game. 

Hawkeye looks fun to play as plus I love the Hyper Combo he performs with Ant Man on the top of his arrow head. Thankfully this game isin't full price so you'll be paying roughly from $30-40 on this game in November. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer IS Revealed!

Now don't give me any bullshit comment's about how you haven't seen The Dark Knight, which we all should know it as the 'masterpiece' of summer 2009. The Dark Knight has to be one of the finest films of this generation, there is no excuse's to not see this film, I don't care if do not like Batman you still need to see this movie! So our level of anticipation is extremely high for the third instalment to Christopher Nolan's epic trilogy. With the death of Heath Ledger, who played the Joker in the Dark Knight, has left doubt onto a lot of peoples mind on whether the final instalment is to be anywhere near as good as its predecessor. Well by putting faith into Christopher Nolan and by bringing two of the finest actors in Hollywood (Joseph Gordon Levitt and Tom Hardly) you cant help but wonder what the outcome could be. Here is the first trailer to The Dark Knight Rises; 

Brief, cheesy and having no idea what this trailer gives to us basically outlines the crappiest trailer ever. I mean I know its not meant to give us anything, but really? Its not the best way to build up anticipation, but regardless considering a year is away we shouldn't even be getting a trailer right now. Still nice, I suppose.  

Monday, July 18, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Review

Well, it's been a series i've known for 10 years, A series that has wowed me with it's books and a series whose movies have forced me to leave the cinema, and demand my money back, from sheer rage. Harry Potters final movie has just come out and on Saturday night, Paul, Adam, a few more friends and Myself went to see it in 3D.
Personally I wasn't looking forward to this film. I was so horrified from my experience of the shittest book to movie film that was the Half Blood Prince, my faith in the series was rattled to its core. However I felt I should witness this films last hurrah.

Harry uncovers a surpressed memory he had with Voldemort which relates to what priests are known for doing.

One of the first things that made me want to NOT go see this was the fact that Deathly Hallows Part 1 led up to the last fifth of the book, leaving only the final fight scene. I personally didn't find it to appealling the fact that they would essentially be going to Gringotts and then climactic battle. However, I wasn't dissapointed. For once the films manage to do a decent battle affair and i've heard people associating the final battle scene with that of Helms Deep and Minas Tirith from Lord of The Rings. They weren't too far off it I think (especially seeing as how Jk Rowling stole so much random things from Lord of The Rings (Also I couldn't help but notice an anti jewish reference, Griphook the goblin is small, big nosed, big eared, Tries to back stab everyone, tight with money and wears striped pyjamas) ). The battle scenes were exciting and had the old brand of Harry Potter humour, which had a lot of the cinema chuckling. They changed a large amount of the book around but for once it worked and take it from me, a person who read all the books, It worked and came out even better than the books. The 3 page climactic battle with Harry Vs. Voldemort turns into an amazing 10 minute or so battle sequence.

Not a picture from Soviet Russian occupied state Ukraine but infact one of Neville LongBottom

As I said, We went to see this film in 3D. I had to nearly break Adams arm to force him to see it in 3D using the main point of seeing Emma Watson in 3D. The effects were hard to tell I thought personally. I was expecting spells flying out of the screen, flying debris and such but got little of what I was hoping for which was a bit dissapointing. The special effects however were amazing. One of the highlights for me is when Professor McGonnagal transfigures all the schools statues to fight for the school and we have Stone warriors leaping from the roof to make a last stand on the bridge.

The acting was, as usual, great for it's film apart from one scene where it appears that Daniel Radcliffe can't even jerk one itty bitty little tear. The scene I'm referring to is when he finds out about the death of 3 main characters. He quite literally stands there staring at the bodies and zombies away un-emotionally.

So overall what did I think?

  1. Great Special Effects
  2. Changed book around for the better
  3. Great acting from all but Radcliffe. (Hopefully he'll have learned to cry seeing as I can't see anyone else hiring such an over hyped quack)
  4. Amazing battle scenes
  1. Radcliffes acting
  2. Dissapointing 3D

Overall this would get 7.5/10 from me.

It was a great ending to an average series (I seriously cannot stress how awful Half Blood Prince was. Worse movie i've ever seen)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Driven to the Brink of Insanity: Brink Review

Before I begin, I have one thing I have to say............ I'M BACK BABY ! I've finished my last ever school exams and have graduated ! So, with that out of the way, lets get this review started.

When I first heard about Brink I had high expectations for it. I also had a long time to wait before I was able to play it. Got it for my birthday and had to wait till the end of my exams before I could try it. After waiting 23 days to play it, I was expecting to be blown away. Well, lets find out what I thought of it.

The story of this game is of a civilization that lives on the Ark, the last Bastion of Humanity which is a floating city anchored in a remote area of the Pacific Ocean.  Once known as an oceanic paradise, civil war has broken out and you must choose a side to play as. You can join the Resistence and revolt against the Security force or join the Security force and stop the Revolution.

To me, this game was looking pretty good but as it sometimes turns out, looks can be deceiving. The campaign did not turn out the way I expected it to. Each mission of the campaign consists of primary and secondary objectives. Now your first primary objective could be to defend a certain position for a set amount of time. If you do this successfully you can complete the mission right away. But if you fail you'll be given another objective to do. Completing secondary objectives can help with your primary mission but throughout my time playing, I never got the chance to complete these objectives.

The movement in the game itself is not as smooth as it could be. While sprinting you will autamatically jump over any obstacles and if you encounter an obstacle that is the same height as your character, you can either crouch under it the old school way or you can sprint towards it, press crouch and slide underneath it. The movement speed itself is perhaps a bit too slow for my liking, kind of annoying, for me at least.

Really Annoying Things
One of the things that really annoyed me was something that I never anticipated. Every mission has a time limit ! If you fail to complete your objectives it's Game Over. There are no checkpoints. Once you run out of time, you must play through that mission from the very beginning ! Now this I found to be my main reason for not liking this game. And the difficulty balancing is a good bit off too.

You have three difficulty settings; Easy, Normal and Hard. Now I'm no stranger to playing games on their hardest difficulty settings, but when you're getting your ass whooped by the AI on the Normal setting, something has to be wrong. Seriously, they have pin point accuracy and are able to knock you down with a melee attack and finish you off before you have time to react. Ridiculous !

Graphics and Music
The graphics are decent enough. It's another game that is following in the graphical steps of Crackdown and Borderlands with the cell shady look.

Where the music is concerned, I never really paid attention to it, which is strange for me. Guess I just got too annoyed with what was going on that the only thing I could hear was my own expletives in complaint of what just happened to me.

My final verdict on this game is that I would NOT reccommend it. The amount of customisation is definately something I'd love to see in other games, aswell as the 8 player co-op. It's just the rest of the game that really lets it down.

                                              This game gets a low 4.0/ 10 

A very dissapointing game.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Batman Arkham City: New Riddler Trailer?? (Riddle me this, riddle me that?)

Gotta love Batman, but more specifically the new upcoming game Batman Arkham City. Why? Because it makes Batman the king of not only comic adapted movies, but also the king of comic adapted video games. Yes we all doubted Batman Arkham Asylum would spark any interest at all because we were all so used to being let down by many great IP's like Batman get stomped down by mediocrity. Something they certainly don't deserve, yet Arkham City prevailed and won many game of the year awards. Its sequel Arkham Asylum just looks better and better with these trailers. Observe;

Best trailer I have seen yet, in the game you'll have to solve all of Riddler's riddles to catch the crazed villain. You did this in the last game except this time you seemed much more inclined to catch the Riddler. 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Have you been watching The Killing?

This awesome new show just debuted on Channel 4 a couple of days ago here in Ireland, it premièred in America on April 3 2011. I just got to watch the pilot recently which followed by the second episode immediately, I have to admit the show sucked me in. 

The pilot begins through the perspectives of three groups of people, you have the detectives, the newly running councilmen and the family of the victim. Each have a key role in the murder of a young girl named Rosie Larsen, a 17 year old teenager. It sounds like a typical detective drama/thriller but its much more than that, its the realism that really drives you to continue watching it. Sure we have seen movies such as Seven, Zodiac or even The Secret In Their Eyes that can all give us the same thrill ride that The Killing may offer, but The Killing has a much greater advantage against movies made by David Fincher. The Killing can pace itself much better than any thriller movie considering the amount of episodes and the fact that it is based around one murder and not a series of them. This is how realism plays a huge role in the distinction of The Killing, the fact that its one murder and many episodes shows that the drama on each of the characters is pretty big. Which makes for some awesome television. 

This is another awesome show from AMC, and the pure quality of all the shows coming out from this studios is staggering. Mad Men, The Walking Dead, The Killing and Breaking Bad are all hugely popular shows that are still going on. I'm looking forward to watch more television from AMC.

Watch The Killing Thursday nights from 9:00 pm. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

BioShock Infinite: 15 Minute Demo First Thoughts (Booker is one sexy son of a..)

Booker looks like Pretty Boy Floyd, except with a moustache. 
So last night I stayed up to watch the horrid Spike TV and its awful putrid that I had the misfortune to witness. A show called "Jail" and then some hillbilly wrestling then came on and then I realised life was far too short and attended to other things. I missed GTTV which I stayed up to watch but being me bed seemed far more important, but sadly I missed some hell of a demo. BioShock Infinite has to be the most impressive game I have ever seen, in those 15 minutes I was in shock and awe. Its so impressive I begin to ask myself how a lot of the game is meant to work, and that doesn't happen that often. 

Please excuse the following:

That was necessary, that 15 minute demo was far too amazing. Anyway there is just one little bugger that I kept pointing out throughout most of the quiet scenes, the action scene was solid but the way you were exploring seemed very linear. I know Ken points this out in all the videos, but I cant help but feel that Elizabeth is just a tour guide. In a lot of instances you saw Booker chasing Elizabeth by using the voice actor to indicate to follow her, I raise the question of "What if I don't want to follow her? What if I'm not done in this room?". It seems silly, but I would really like to explore in a city considering the magnitude of Columbia and I'd hate if it was just a tour. The demo doesn't describe what it'd be like if I had some real time to just look around without any disturbance from Songbird or Elizabeth, but its 15 minutes not an hour so I guess they had to show some sequences that are very...flashy. Other than that the game looks flawless, especially the final scene with Songbird and Elizabeth. The way Songbird reacted to Elizabeth's apology was just beautiful, the stubborn head movement to the right rejecting the apology was seriously innocent exactly like Elizabeth herself. It reminds me instantly of the relationship of the Big Daddy's and the Little Sisters. 

"NO! No Ken Levine, you just don't get to make mind blowing games like that!". Someone at 2K Games should have put his step down and said this, because this game is just far superior from any other game. It just seems like the very definition of what this medium can offer you as a product of entertainment, like its hard to say after, watching that demo, that it sucks. I mean I think you honestly have to have no taste in games to not be interested, or at least admit that its oozing in quality. This is my, and probably many others, Game Of The Year bet. Some people may say Mass Effect 3 and The Last Guardian are contenders, but right now? Its certainly BioShock Infinite. Mass Effect is on its third instalment and has already pushed the industry with its amazing RPG elements and gameplay, from what I have seen Mass Effect 3 will be more of what we got from  the second. The Last Guardian still refuses to reveal itself throughout all these years but those illuminating and dazzling trailers cant help but make the viewer warm inside, sadly we'll probably still be waiting for a good while until we get some gameplay. Either way next year is a very entertaining year, and who knows maybe neither of them will get Game Of The Year, its far too early to tell. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Steam Summer Sale is halfway gone. Is your wallet empty yet?

I only recently got Steam because I bought Portal 2 for my ps3 and got a free copy with it for my steam account. Now I never knew this about steam but they hold seasonal sales. The first 10 days in July are the "Summer Camp" sales. Let's just say when I found out how cheap the games got yesterday, I sort of had a meltdown. In the past 24 hours i've been hit with blindingly cheap offer after offer and let's just say this. Valve, If you guys ever need a kidney, I got a spare. I've bought the following, today alone;

  1. Grand Theft Auto 4 WITH the episodes from Liberty City for €8. Normally this would be about 40 euro.
  2. Trine €2. A random Rpg I picked up with a bit of change
  3. Counter Strike Source €6. A great shooter i've been playing at a friends for the past 2 weeks
  4. Garrys Mod €2. I didn't even know what this game is about and bought it from all the reviews, all I know is that it's an amazing deal.
  5. Tomb Raider Anniversery, €3.74, A remake of the legendary Tomb Raider 1.
I've seen so many great offers that I didn't partake in, E.g. Fallout New Vegas with expansions for about 15 euro. So i'd like to take this time,to say something that comes from the heart. Steam... I love you :3.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Walking Dead: Is it all going to end?

In this post I'm going to talk about all thing's related to The Walking Dead but mainly the comic books as that's where the story truly lies folks, in those colourless pages. Its the best on-going comic book series happening at the moment and lately I cant help but feel an ending in the mist ahead, I have never gotten this feeling before and as the issue number slips creepily to number 100 (its on 86 at the moment) I cant help but wonder whether Rick Grimes story would ever come to a conclusion. 

Robert Kirkman, the series writer, doesn't have much rules when it comes to writing his zombie epic. There is only one very crucial rule that he does repeat all the time and that is to never explain the zombie outbreak, as it takes the reader out of the sense of realism of the characters world. He doesn't want to explain any science fiction bullshit or say it was aliens all along, he wants to make very real characters under a very surreal circumstance. It's very simple what he does, a very straightforward zombie book, but the drama the characters face is something you'll never find on any soap opera. This is why The Walking Dead is the best book you can be reading at the moment, but is it coming to an end? I have been reading numerous interviews and I have seen nothing that suggests that The Walking Dead may come to an end. But the last issue I have read (issue 86) suggests that Rick has seen an all new light and is going to do things very differently. But now I'm wondering how can Kirkman really shake things up for the community? What can really change the characters lives this time? You see this is the point in the comic book where something big is on the way or an ending. I'm not saying its going to be either or, but frankly Kirkman always exceeds my expectations and is the most unpredictable writer ever.

Kirkman says he could totally imagine The Walking Dead without Rick, explaining that the other characters could build up a story that could go on forever. But he also say's that if the book wasn't getting enough edge with the readers anymore and that its lost its taste, he would end it. This is not happening at the moment if you're wondering, I'm guessing sales have been strong and just recently was the most fucked up issue yet (issue 82). Though the fact Rick can die at any moment seems quite plausible given recent events, and I could see Kirkman pulling a good job killing Rick and maybe establishing a new character for the main role. That would carry my interest, most people would probably want Andrea as the lead but for myself? Nah, I would like a new character introduced as the lead. Though we should not forget that Kirkman is already working on another separate story in The Walking Dead universe, the video game. 

Not a lot is on this game, but Kirkman is certainly writing this game and is based on the character of Lee Everett. Lee escapes from prison riddled with zombies and runs into a little girl named Clementine, Everett takes her as his own (I'm guessing) and then begins their quest to escaping the Atlanta area. While they try to escape, Rick tries to get into the city (as we know in the comic book series) so the two do meet up eventually. That's more or less all I heard from this game, but I don't know why Everett and Rick have to meet up so early in the comic book series. We know there was no character he met during the comic book series so I'm not liking it so far, be better if he reached the community and then continue it in the comics. Would be better and more true to the comics. Telltale are handling this game so I'm not expecting much. Still this is a story Kirkman is writing and will be a huge thing considering this is the first time he'll ever step away from Rick but remain in the Walking Dead universe, so I'm looking forward to see the outcome. 

Whatever the outcome is, this is a huge test for Kirkman as whatever happens here will determine whether he can keep The Walking Dead series going without Rick or not.

An ending, a video game, a new character, whatever it is I want to see more of The Walking Dead and the genius behind it. Because it is giving me so much entertainment both the comics and the television over these past years and I'd have it no other way. I'm looking forward to season two of The Walking Dead coming this October giving me 13 episodes to watch; 
Seriously looking forward to the television series as three genius's are working on it. Robert Kirkman, Frank Darabont and Stephen King are all writing some episodes so I'm seriously looking forward to it. Sure it's not the comics, but its obviously established itself as a different identity from the comics and that's fine and it works. So I'm looking forward to October. 

Television, video games and comics it all good. As long as Robert Kirkman is involved. 

Cheers for reading. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

World Of Warcraft is FREEEEEE to play! (More Free Stuff Pl0x!!)

So the only game that you'd expect not to go free to play is well, probably the only game that could survive with a monthly subscription in this free gaming world (Ha!). Yes we saw Team Fortress 2 a couple of weeks ago go completely free with the microtransaction supporting it, WoW doesn't have a microtransaction shop available like most MMO's.

But, sadly there are conditions to this free little deal Blizzard are offering. First of all there is not time limit to this free to play version nor is there any items withheld from you, however there is a level cap that ends at 20. This may suck for some considering the highest level you can get to is level 80 so quite a decent bit of the game is disclosed for higher levels. This sucks yes, but for a person who really doesn't want to pay the €15 a month and really doesn't want to get addicted I say its a pretty fair deal considering they probably didn't have to do this.

Its cool and I might as well download it, I got the trial a couple of years back and my opinion of it was really high but it was a very very addictive game. That's a warning by the way, World Of Warcraft is a very very addictive game. 

Hopefully more games go free to play, I'm liking the selection lately as these games are one of these essential must have kinda games, either way I am thrilled. 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 Set For 2013 Release

Its a done deal as of a couple of days ago that Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 will be released in the summer of 2013. However the directors for both films will not return. Jon Favreau, who directed Iron Man and Iron Man 2, will not be coming back for a third instalment stating on his Twitter that he is taking up another movie called the Magic Kingdom. Kenneth Branagh, who directed Thor, will also not be returning for the second instalment, though both directors will be attached to the project by taking a producer role. 

Iron Man 3 has already found its director and that would be Shane Black, now this is some exciting news. Sure Jon Favreau will be missed greatly, but I felt Iron Man 2 was lacking a lot of creativity that the first one brought a ton of. Shane Black has only directed one movie, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which is by far one of the best movies Robert Downey Jr has been in. Anyone who has seen the movie will understand, it will be great to see how this one turns out. 

Thor 2 is yet to see a director however considering the reviews and the amount it made at the box office it shouldn't be too hard to find some good talent. As long as it has more of this ill be happy:
Looking forward to summer 2013! 

Friday, July 1, 2011

BioShock Infinite - E3 Demo Teaser IS HERE!!! (Jaws Are Going To Be Droppin)

Oh yes! Its here boys and girls, GTTV and Spike are debuting the whopping 30 minute demo of BioShock Infinite on Thursday July 7. But with this announcement they gave us a slice of the sweet ass pie were going to be getting next Thursday; 

"Smoking Jesus titty cinnamon! That is a  MONSTER! That's gonna be SWEEEET!"

                                                                                                        - Scooter (Borderlands) 

Scooter speaks of wisdom, this is my level of excitement....

...Now let's look at the release...Next Year?!!? >:0

Ill stop now....

Check back here on Thursday to see the FULL DEMO, or whenever the full thing goes on the internetz :) Tops to for the BioShock gif. 

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