Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bad News if you Pre-Ordered ME3 at Game

I have just learned that EA have decided to pull all of their future releases from being sold in the Retailer Game, in the UK and Ireland until further notice. Apparently, EA don't trust that they would receive the correct funds from each sale, given Game's current financial situation. (Which I wasn't aware was bad.)

                                                               The Bottom Line ?

Ok, the Bottom Line is that if you have pre-ordered ME3 at Game, your pre-order has been cancelled and you will be refunded with store credit. This decision is all down to EA choosing not to send any copies of Mass Effect 3 to Game.

Unfortunatley, this means that I will have to look elsewhere if I want to get it on release day. This especially sucks due to the fact it was the Collectors Edition I had ordered.

But anyway, just giving you a heads up.

More information about this can be found at the following link:

Friday, February 3, 2012

Blog Update: Explanation for our Lengthy Absence

If you are reading this blog post, we appreciate you checking back to see what is going on around here.
Each and every one of you are Legends.

                                                  Why we've been gone for so Long

At this moment in time every blog member, apart from myself, are currently participating in their mock Leaving Certificate Exams. The mocks are basically a trial run for the actual Leaving Cert exams that take place in June. These exams are the last and most important exams that you have to do in secondary school here in Ireland. Basically they determine if you go to college. So as you can imagine, the rest of the lads are pretty busy at the moment and will be till June.

As for myself, I've just returned to college for my second semester and am getting settled back in again. Over Christmas I've been busy playing Saints Row: The Third, Assassins Creed Revelations, Skyrim and Uncharted 3. Since these games have been out a little while, I don't see much point in putting up Reviews for them. However, if any readers would like me to post Reviews for any of these games, simply say which game you'd like to see reviewed in the comments.

                                                        For the next few Months

For a little while longer updates will be a little slow. The next game I intend to review will be Mass Effect 3 which releases on March 6th. Mostly because I don't know of any other game releases before then that I'd be interested in.

I'll also post anything that I think will be of interest.

Before you know it, everyone will be back in full force by the end of June.
Stay tuned.

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