Friday, October 19, 2012

Halo, truly a modern classic.

Hello there fellow nerds, geeks and  various combinations of the two, what I'm here to talk about today may be met with a lot of how you say, dispute. But frankly my dears I don't give a damn, as in my opinion the Halo games(all of them) are no doubt some of the finest of this, or any generation. With the upcoming release of Halo 4, the first of the Reclaimer trilogy, some of my friends and I have been reliving the series, one even playing the series from start to finish in its entirety. In doing so I have had some of the greatest gaming moments of my gaming career and remembered others from the past. One of these moments which I'm sure you will all agree was "off the chiz-ain" so to speak towards the end of Halo 3, The Covenant to be exact. While the whole mission is a myriad of awesome battles and ass-kickings, four player co-op taking down two scarabs at once on legendary was, just amazing. The music, the fighting, all the possible strategies and those pretty blue lights make this an unforgettable fight. You truly feel the urgency of the fight and the desperation having been built up over all the previous missions and games. 
While Reach is often known as the underdog of the Halo series, there was a sort of shift with the spartan 3's, but it is not without its own brilliant campaign and some sweeeet moments. Once again it's in the co-op where Halo shines, each player playing as their own Spartan 3(some even creating backstories for them) creates a wholly different atmosphere to the other games, a far more personal one. Probably my favourite mission was New Alexandria, in co-op of course(and no i will not stop saying co-op). Watching the city crumbling and the planet being glassed around you and your team is pretty nifty for starters, without even mentioning the cwazy easter eggs and memorable firefights at shifting locations.
So this rambling doesn't go on too long I'll have to bundle the best of the rest together but this in NO WAY makes them less awesome or kewl. Halo CE is where it all began, the story of The Master Chief and Humanity's struggle against the Covenant began here and where the iconic ring  was first seen. CO-OP! Sorry but split screen co-op with a bro just...makes me so happy... Anyway, Halo 2 continues this trend of course but twists the norm a wee bit letting you play as le Arbitre(clever code to avoid spoilers). Last but definitely not least is Halo wars, without a doubt the most controversial of the bunch, but coming from a history of strategy games, I really appreciated it . Many, many, many, many, MANY Halo fans have trashed this game just because it's something different, even a certain Chief fanboy on this bl4rg, but through its intuitive controls, AWESOME cutscenes and nerdalicious technology, I felt it was a fitting addition to the series. And co-op, always co-op. Even as I write this I'm thinking more and more how amazing Halo is and if you haven't played it yet, do. And if you have a PS3 , SELL IT AND PLAY THIS SHIT! I always remain so professional... Hope this helped, buh bye! 

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