Sunday, February 27, 2011

FNV: Dead Money Review

Well it was released originally on December 23rd on the XBOX 360. I however didn't have it. I have Fallout on PC and PS3 so I did feel as if they were directly aiming this at moi. Now Dead Money is out for the PS3 and the PC. I wasn't really looking forward to this DLC after seeing the ad and hearing the descriptions. It seemed too linear and way too un-falloutish for me. Here's my verdict on it.

Gears Of War 3 Release Date Official 20/9/11, Beta Release Mid April and Box Art Revealed!

Yay! Gears Of War 3 is back on the scene with a new release date, some awesome news on the beta and a sexy new box art. So now to get right in on it!

Friday, February 25, 2011

First glimpse at Modern Warfare 3 next week? And America and Russia have reached a new level of stupidity. Updated!

In the year of 2009, at a game-developers choice awards, We were given our first look at Modern Warfare 2. Now 2 years after, We're nearing the date where the award ceremony is held. Could we be getting our first look at what happened to John "What kind of name is Soap" Price and Sgt."Looking like an Ass" Foley. The answer, Almost 100% likely. A site called Find Makarov started the 5 day countdown which would lead up to the ceremony. Let's hope it's going to go as planned :P.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

This Is A Real Game. And No I Am Not Shitting You....

Thats just nasty, and yes this is a real game being published by Ubisoft (more like Boobisoft). I would only play this if I was drunk, but I would have to be reeeaaallly drunk. 

Now Thats An RPG! Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim New Trailer!

I just made a recent post about how shit Dragon Age is, so now let the big boys take over the fantasy RPG genre with this sexy new trailer of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Dragon Age 2 Demo Sucked!

I dont know if it was just me or the fact that my broadband was so bad that it took 2 hours for the fucking demo to fully download, but either way my conclusion still stand that my brief encounter with this game was awful. 

I am going to come out and say that I never played the first game, Dragon Age Origins, and to say that it never necessarily appealed to me from looking at the gameplay. I also never truly enjoyed Mass Effect so Mass Effect 2 was also entirely out of the question for me. Something about BioWare that pisses me off you ask? Nope I have nothing against these guys, I was routing for them at the VGA's to win Best Studio because of the fact they have been balancing two series with a massive MMO on their backs (Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic).

I dont like Mass Effect because,well, its way to Sci-Fi I dont know how to put it. Firing plasma from your gun or some other pink shit can get really boring at times, but not only that, the fact that its like a hybrid between Star Wars and Star Trek makes me vomit a little. To put it short I don't like Sci-Fi's! 

So Dragon Age? Well I actually love fantasy, its something I cant get enough of. J.R.R. Tolkien and David Eddings being my two favourite writers setted the foundation of fantasy storytelling in my opinion. From what I can tell in Dragon Age, dwarves are small and love axes, elves are big and love trees something very similar Tolkien wrote in his story. A little diversity with these races could have been nice, it was easy to guess by just looking at the game. 

So establishing that its the same as any other fantasy game Dragon Age 2 spices its combat up with four abilities you can access by pressing X,Y,B (for Xbox 360 controller) and A which is the button you will be pressing repeatedly to kill these darkspawns or whatever the fuck they're called. To be honest these darkspawn look fucking ridiculous the character models for these are terribly shit looking not making them threatening at all. 

Its the first game in a long while where I can genuinely complain about the graphics, they are very shit looking, getting close to the character models in dialogue truly show the imperfections and how flat it looks. The map itself in the demo isn't at all exotic or remotely interesting to play on, from what I can remember it was a lot of dirt and blood, but thats it. 

The camera angle from the third person perspective is way far out, like the combat is really gritty which gets me ticklish inside but I can barely see them guts flying. The gritty style its got going for the game got me interested but when I saw how far the perspective was I realised my experience with this game wasn't going to be the best. 

There was a lot of talk around this game and hype, I have heard that it is more of a PC title but I can honestly say its one title I will not look twice at.


The video below shows how I feel about this game xD 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

L.A. Noire Box Art Looks Tasty

Ill be sure to eat this up on May 20th, does look purty though it doesn't reflect at all what the setting is meant to be. Which to me is the big seller! 

The BioShock Movie Is The Only Hope For A Good Video Game Port Over

The BioShock movie has been in development limbo for quite a couple of years now and looks like nothing is going to change that. Gore Verbinski has been attached to the project from the beginning and surprisingly hasn't left just yet. He is the only person who has faith in BioShock. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bulletstorm Launch Trailer!

The highly anticipated and skeptical Bulletstorm get its release this week with today in the US and on Friday everywhere else. The reviews are in and its highly praised. 

The 3DS update

As I write this to you, It's 30 days 13 hours 2 minutes and 3 seconds until the release date of the 3DS. For the last hour i've been polishing my DSI removing stickers and fingerprints on it in order to get a great discount. It's been a while since I discussed the 3DS so i'll talk a bit about some of the major things that have happened since.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Japan has become bankrupt!

That's right everyone, Japan has become so poor they must eat their own consoles!
A moment of silence as we remember this lost psp...


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saints Row 3 Leaks First Images!

The yet to be unveiled Saints Row 3 got its first three images on the internet just yesterday and two things can already be confirmed.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Sims 3 Review

The Sims, The decade running SIMulation game (Excuse the pun). I've been with this game from the start, back with Age of Empires 2 graphics, 2 skin tones, Adult and Children only. It may seem like I was messed up as a child but I found nothing more fun than making a hedge maze only to burn it down... With my sims still inside. Well enough of my sadistic confession and on with the review. When I first got my laptop I discovered Torrents. I remembered playing the Sims 2 in my friends houses, so I got it. A few days later I got it's sequel, "The Sims 3" and here's what I think of it.

Walking Dead Is To Be A VIDEO GAME!! Jurassic Park Debut Trailer And Fables To Be A Video Game!!

Telltale Games are crazy bastards! Four games both to be episodic are being made by one studio. Absolutely sick! But they are no doubt a talent studio who worked on one episodic game Sam and Max Beyond Space and Time. But four games really?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dead Island Is Set To Blow Your Minds!

As I cruise the internet as I generally do, I tend to see the same type of video game trailers on a daily basis. You see epic blockbuster trailers, kickass gameplay with speed metal trailers and the occasional commentary trailers. But the re-introduced trailer for Dead Island? Is nothing like I have ever seen before. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Halo:Combat Evolved - Is it actually being Remade or Remastered ?

This is the question I've been asking myself for the last few weeks. It's no secret that Halo:Combat Evolved is regarded as the crown jewel in the Halo series. It's the game that started it all, the game that made us fall in love with the series. By the wider gaming community it has been accepted as one of the games that has set the standard for what a First Person Shooter should be on a console, along with the likes of Doom and GoldenEye.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Defiant Map Pack Announced for Halo:Reach

Announced today, through Halo Waypoint, was the Defiant map pack for Halo:Reach. This map pack contains three brand new maps. Two of which are competitive multiplayer maps and one map for the Firefight game mode.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Michael Fassbender to be Magneto in X-Men : First Class

Michael Fassbender has been announced to play Magneto/ Eric Lensherr in the New X-Men prequel.
I really enjoyed him in "Inglorious Basterds" when he played "Lt. Archie Hicox" so let's see if he can give Magneto a good run.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

L.A. Noire First Gameplay Trailer

It is clear to say that everyone is very interested in what Rockstars next epic will be, considering that Red Dead Redemption was a clear winner of the majority of Game Of The Year titles last year. It could be said that Red Dead Redemption is GTA IV in the wild west, but LA Noire? Well its completely different altogether. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Battlefield 3 Game Informer Scans Reveal All!

Well Battlefield 3 got announced a couple of days back and two things are a defiant. You can now go prone and they have fucking jets! So now that all the important information is out of the way, here is Game Informers early preview of the game, featuring screenshots. 

Gears Of War 3 NEW Screenshots!!

Microsoft's blockbuster game of this year is creeping up to release date of later this year. And getting ever so closer to Gears Of War 3 release date is more media. Screenshots ho! 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Final Fantasy Dissidia Review

Well a bit overdue but as I announced about a month ago, I got a PSP for one of the sole reasons of getting a game i've been craving for quite some time : Final Fantasy Disidia.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Galactus Boss Fight Trailer

Nope, this is not a spoiler. Whether you want to experience it yourself or just love the element of surprise either way your going to be fighting the tyrant Galactus when Marvel vs Capcom 3 arrives on February the 18th. 

Captain America First Trailer Here!

The Super Bowl aired last night, Packers won by 31 - 25 against the Steelers, the Black Eyed Peas gave a shit performance and Captain America: The First Avenger aired on FOX. Total outcome? Overall pretty shit! 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Epic Intro Trailer

With only 12 days to go I am eagerly anticipating Marvel vs Capcom 3 release on February the 18th. Its a first buy no doubt, considering I am fan of the previous game and I am itching to get back into the fighting genre considering nothing has got my taste buds going for quite some time. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Captain America's First Theater Poster!!

Words cant describe how fucking awesome, this poster is! 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bullestorm Takes The Piss of Call Of Duty and Halo!

Its always exciting to see EA's marketing strategy for any game. They're always wacky and sometimes have nothing to do with the game but sometimes, like in Bulletstorms case, its quite funny. 

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