Friday, July 30, 2010

Stan Lee on Spider-man Shattered Dimensions

Video Games  | Exclusive Moment With Stan Le
The man who created it all says what he thinks of Spider-man Shattered Dimensions.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Halo Reach NEW Trailer!

Pretty cool trailer the storyline seems interesting enough even if we do know the ending but im looking forward to it nonetheless. 

Will Diablo 3 Have A Bigger Homecoming then Starcraft 2?

Starcraft 2 just got released with the massive homecoming it rightly deserves on July 27 where the whole world anticipated its midnight release.

Huge turn out one I didnt expect a mile away, it defiantly shows that both the RTS genre and the PC is surly no where near dead. Now its been a busy couple of years for Blizzard with the success of World Of Warcraft and releasing the new expansion Cataclysm this year, its hard to estimate the release of the awesome RPG Diablo 3.
What is obvious is that Blizzard like to stretch there games out a bit, keeping about a year gap between each other and some people expected Starcraft 2 to hit early 2011 but now since its release and Cataclysm is hitting this year when will we get Diablo 3? 2011? maybe 2012? Its pretty annoying, we got huge amount of media for D3 right now and we already know what it plays like so shouldn't we know a bit more about the game by now? So we got the 5 classes 1 to be revealed soon, they include Barbarian, Witch Doctor, Mage and Monk, so I hope the other class should be along the lines of the Paladin or an Amazon class or anything with range. Its a nice list but not much variety then Diablo 2 and so far it looks the same as D2 just with better graphics.

Now bear with me when I say D3 is the same as D2 with better graphics, there are some differences such as the combos and the new abilities but I think some people are so blindsided by how fresh it LOOKS that noting the completely new things is hard, now I know alot of people love D2 and that changing it would be blasphemy which I thoroughly agree but shouldn't there be some differences such as story telling narrative or more gameplay mechanics? I mean its been 2 years since we say D3 so shouldn't we be getting some NEW announcement soon alongside a release date?  I ask too many questions so I must demand a NEW announcement and a release date now! 
So the peoples response to D3 was one of patience which is nice on the developers part but the people will get impatient and they will forget about it now Starcraft was a massive fan base in Korea so anything Asians are doing most of the western world will follow but D2 doesn't have a big fan base in Korea and most people wont cry tears of joy on the release date like that guy from Singapore. So will Diablo have a bigger or even a remotely similar one to Starcraft 2? 

Thor Movie Trailer IS Here!

Thor finally got a movie trailer to the public that was apparently "Leaked" to the internet, so here the San Diego Comic Con trailer of Thor that was shown at the Marvel panel.

I have to admit im looking forward to this big time, Thor is one of my favorite super heroes out there and I think Chris Hemsworth is a worthy Thor, as for Anthony Hopkins I must say you cant go wrong with this guy he is just a GODLY actor *winks*. So what you think? I think its top notch stuff!
I showed this to my brother who is 21 and a movie buff he seemed to think it was too stupid, he thought this from the very beginning and isint very much a comic book fan. I think the general response of people is a bit cautious not necessarily trusting the actors or direction and the visual style of it but nonetheless its OK with me im not much on suits but overall im happy!
What you think of the destroyer at the end? Quite EPIC! 

Monday, July 26, 2010

Batman: City Of Scars Fan Made Movie 27K Budget!

This is truly amazing work from Aaron Schoenkes who wrote and directed this movie, and I have to admit the level of commitment they put into this is incredibly terrific! This video is only available for one month so watch it quick!
Ill try get a stream later on!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mark Ruffalo Confirmed As Bruce Banner!

Awesome cast! Awesome heroes! But lets admit it Edward Norton would be much better! 

Project Triforce Got Some Shit!

Looking at the awesome booth at Triforce I took two looks at my wallet to only find moths, still look awesome check it!

Read More!

Comic Con 2010: Gears Of War 3 Panel (Bernie Mataki Announced!)

Not alot was announced during Comic Con for Gear 3 and was somewhat of a disappointment. Not too much of a disappointment I am extremely happy that Bernie Mataki will be making an appearance in this game and that I got a picture off the Gears forums check it out!
  I have read the book and she looks awesome Ill try find a better picture soon, what is great is how distinctive she looks from the other gals in the game which is somewhat a relief, I expected this announcement a mile away however I was half right I really wanted Alex Brand to be announced and since its Comic Con and she is in the comics I thought it would be a good mix. 
So further on they talked about some stuff, the movie came into discussion however it was brushed off with "were working on it" also "were re-writing it" and finally “It’s touch and go. It happens in Hollywood sometimes, man. That’s all I can really say right now,” all I can say is dont expect anything for a good while that 2012 release is nothing more but a "keep fans believing" kinda thing. Clayton Carmine came into the discussion then with his voice actor Michael Gough arrived on set with the Triforce replica Lancer opening line was "I think this thing is jammed or something" it went on further more stating that IF he does die then there gonna take him out in a "spectacular way!". Wondering who the hell is voicing Sam in Gears 3? Well your in luck the smoking hot Claudia Black is making her appearance along side Anya Stroud, Claudia became popular in Stargate SG1 and the one with the nice ass in Uncharted 2 Chloe Frazer I think her name was (like I was listening to the dialogue with her around).  
Finally two player split screen will be added and NOT four player split screen as some people might have assumed, some achievements may be carried on Seriously etc and there working very hard to change the multiplayer connection glitch.

As for Alex Brand to enter Gears 3 G4TV got some balls and asked a Microsoft rep if she will enter the response was not a surprise "We haven't announced anything more about the campaign yet, but we will soon." I would be REALLY disappointed if she isint in Gears 3.

See the full panel here

Interview with Stan "Teh Man" Lee!

One of the best comic book sites out there got an awesome interview with the legend heres how it went:

There Are New Toys At The New Haven Bounty Board!

And I want that one OH! and I want that one...WOW Thats exspensive! And....Oh sorry there just got a little excited from what these pictures show of all the cool toys at Comic Con! Check them out!

Read More!

Comic Con Lowdown!

I did not attend the San Diego Comic Con this year, but if you did FUCK YOU! Its quite an expensive journey to head to San Diego alone furthermore Comic Con. So from what I have heard it sounded like quite a party but other than that there was alot of announcements which im gonna start posting now.
If I was at Comic Con id avoid cosplay.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Save Clayton Carmine! Clayton For Chairman!

More pictures of Clayton Carmine!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gears Fans Decide The Faith Of Clayton Carmine!

This is a pretty impressive way to decide if characters live or die in a game, its quite simple all you have to do is purchase an Avatar T Shirt in the Xbox Live Marketplace that either says "Save Carmine" or "Carmine must die". In the last 2 Gears Of War games its been somewhat of a family tradition for the Carmine brothers to well, die and both of them where known as the Rookies so I find it pretty funny the first screenshot of Clayton is holding a Mulcher with one hand a big ass tatoo on his arm and Gub Killer written on his armor.
Heres Marcus reaction: 

Well said.
If your planning to go to this years Comic Con you can find these real T Shirts at the NECA booth for 20$ all this money will be going to the Child's Plays Charity and no not Chucky.... *sighs* 
So be sure to check it out and purshase a t shirt in digital or real life form.
Oh and... 
...Save Clayton Carmine!

Thor and Captain America Reveal Movie Concept Art! My Faith Is Restored!

These images speak for themselves! Looking forward to it!

Fallout New Vegas "All Roads" Graphic Novel Revealed!

Its not everyday that a Special Edition with a game comes with a graphic novel thats why Bethesda are AWESOME! and give the players what they want!
I love comics, graphic novels you name it! So I think its cool the Fallout series is getting what they deserve. I love the fact that the games creative director and the writer of the Fallout Bible Chris Avenllone is once again writing this one. All Roads is a prequel to Fallout New Vegas, giving you a back story on who, what and where you are, the beauty about it is its not all about the character you play as more of leading up to the events of your character. You will see recognizable characters and environments into the comic, my favorite addition is that you will see objects that are left behind by characters in the comic so you can retrieve them in the game.
Looking forward to it!

DarkSpore A NEW Action RPG!

Heres a new trailer for an upcoming game called DarkSpore that is hitting shelves on February 2 2011. From what I can gather its a science fiction role playing game from Maxis (the studio that brought Sims and Spore) and  I assume it picks up from the space stage in Spore like the expansion Galactic Adventures although the platforms are unknown I think we can assume it follow up onto the PC for sure, not positive if it enters the Wii or other platforms.
Its pretty obvious that DarkSpore is for the core gamers and the true fans for Spore, its pretty clear that DarkSpore is for a more mature audience but knowing Maxis not overly mature. I hope its an expansion of sorts I want to return to Spore with a much more serious approach written by "some of the most talented minds in the gaming industry ".
Heres me curious!

Here the official description: 
Darkspore will feature dynamic, fast-paced action as players battle across alien worlds to save the galaxy from the mutated forces of Darkspore in a four-player co-operative and full single-player campaign, as well as intense multiplayer battles. In order to defeat the malicious Darkspore, players will need to collect an arsenal of living weapons – genetic heroes with different combat abilities – and upgrade them with tens of thousands of collectible body parts and armor.

Darkspore will feature three unique classes of five different genetic hero types, with a limitless number of upgrades and customizations available through the parts players collect on each planet level. As players progress, Darkspore builds in intensity, with new planets and enemy forces requiring players to strategically select the right squad and ability combinations to succeed in their missions. 
Check all screenshots here: Kotaku

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Audition for Kinect BAHBAH (The NEW Internet Sensation)

You know I was always sceptical about Kninect but this audition summed it up quite well.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The FIRST Picture Of Thor Featuring Anthony Hopkins!

Im pretty worried, not really liking the costume set and the eye patch? Heres me worried.

Assassins Creed Gets Its Own Comic Book!

After some strange list of websites popping up with some pretty awesome images of what looks like Assassins and a strange company called Ubiworkshop its become an announcement that comes as a surprise as Ubiworkshop starts working on a mini series of comic book's. 
I think its pretty cool that Assassins Creed is getting a comic book however I do question why the hell they opened up a new company for just a comic book? I mean sure you should protect your work as much as you can but we all know DC and Marvel are hungry to get video game license, I just find it odd that they would go into the business into this sort of industry.
I want a Splinter Cell comic ASAP now!  
I hope these guys all the best and that im looking forward to what they bring to the table I hope Ubiworkshop is working on other things other than Assassins Creed. Heres hoping. 

Edward Norton is FIRED From The Avengers Movie!

With the development of Captain America and Thor movie's its pretty evident that Marvel have been leading it up for The Avengers. Since the announcement of The Avengers at the end of The Incredible Hulk movie people have been excited ever since with some of the most critically acclaimed actors joining the movie such Edward Norton and Robert Downey Jr; well, just Robert Downey Jr now.
Just right out of the heroic universe of Marvel Studios after meeting with Norton to talk about The Avengers movie they left a statement for there reason why they dont want to choose Norton.
 “We have made the decision to not bring Ed Norton back to portray the title role of Bruce Banner in the Avengers. Our decision is definitely not one based on monetary factors, but instead rooted in the need for an actor who embodies the creativity and collaborative spirit of our other talented cast members.”
So basically Ed Norton was up for the project cleared his schedule and was already in the talks but got rejected? Well this didnt go down with Eds agent and stated:
“We know a lot of fans have voiced their public disappointment with this result, but this is no excuse for Feige's mean spirited, accusatory comments.  Counter to what Kevin implies here, Edward was looking forward to the opportunity to work with Joss and the other actors in the Avengers cast, many of whom are personal friends of his.  Feige's statement is unprofessional, disingenuous and clearly defamatory.  Mr. Norton talent, tireless work ethic and professional integrity deserve more respect, and so do Marvel's fans.”
Well whats done is done. Marvel all ready in talks with Mark Ruffalo and Joaquin Phoenix, still no Edward Norton though.

Tim Tim Say's: This is complete bullshit. You honestly expect that many intelligent Marvel fans with believe that Edward Norton was unsupportive through the development of this movie? 
With the revival of the Hulk in 2007 it gave everyone high hopes that everything coming from Marvel will be Epic. However alot of fans are questioning what the hell there doing? Im not only starting to question there approach and manner to The Avengers but I have small doubt on Thor and Captain America. Marvel just lost one of the best actors in Hollywood and forced him out of there own doors.
Im not happy with this decision and hope theres nothing like it again.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tim Schafer calls Bobby Kotick A "Total Prick"

You do admit they guy has balls, Tim Schafer has worked on many classic games in his time such as Full Throttle, The Secret Monkey Island, Day Of The Tentacles and Psychonauts but when his studio went under development of Brutal Legend his original publishers where meant to be Activision but when they failed to support the project Double Fine Productions decided to switch with publishers and go with Activisions rival EA.
This was quite a bold move and Activision responded with a lawsuit (as usual) and delayed the game further. EA's response called them ridiculous as "a husband abandoning his family and then suing after his wife meets a better looking guy."  Well said but it wasnt better than Mr. Schafers response quoting:

 "Hey, if Activision liked it, then they should have put a ring on it," Schafer said. "Oh great, now Beyoncé is going to sue me too."

But I must admit the guy gets even funnier with an interview with eurogamer in which he called Bobby Kotick a "TOTAL PRICK". Its funny how everyone has been estimating if this guy is a bad guy or not but hell if Tim Schafer says it then it must be true.
But hell we already know Kotick is a prick hes been caught in the act just look at this picture!

Read the full story here: Kotaku

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The BEST BioShock Sander Cohen Replica Mask + How to make!

Scavenging though the 2K Forums I came by a thread titled Bunny Mask WIP so instantly when I saw the two words "Bunny Mask" I was already on it clicking all the possible links from mr Zero.
The outcome I got was one I didnt expect at all, it was completely perfect. There was nothing that made this mask make you think twice you just instantly have to compliment the artist for such a terrific job. Whats crazy is the picture above you isint the finished project its still in the works, it looks like the paint job is the last thing he needs to do, from the creative inlays its quite obvious hes making the Sander Cohen mask, but it is his creation he could paint it pink for all mr Zero wants, but after about a year into creating this im sure mr Zero could go for a much more respectable colour scheme possibly along the lines of black with a gold trim maybe?
Either way im sure he made the fictional character of Sander Cohen proud with all the wildness of this bunny mask.
For those of you who wonder if its ever possible to buy these, well its pretty difficult there is no mask making company that have went into production of them yet. Which is pretty fucking stupid on Take Two Interactive part since a HUGE amount of people would purchase these, yet then again im still waiting on a legit BioShock comic. So is it possible? yea, will they ever? probably not.

 But you can still make your own, I even went for an atempt in art class and this was my outcome. Of course mine cant be compared to mr Zero's but at least I took a stab a it and went for my own funky look, which I got very creative with the red paint. I mainly used mod rock to make this and used wire as a base for the ears.
So I saw this post and thought it was immense and thought it was very necassary to talk about it you can visit it here: mr Zeros Ultimate Mask!

Monday, July 12, 2010


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wooldoor = Amazing

Wooldoor is my favorite character in the Drawn Together show, and he should be yours to watch this video and check the crazy Wooldoor in the Drawn Together Movie The Movie!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why women should never play Modern Warfare 2

My only response about this is.....

And then these :P

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

BioShock Movie: Never Lose Hope!

I am never going to lose hope on this production of the movie, this I think will be the escape the video game adaption of movies wants, correction needs!
BioShock to me revolutionized the way story was told in games, it wasn't the basic shoot then to the cut-scene kind of game it doesn't look at the cut-scene as shouldering or back up to diverse you into the story and expect you to care, instead it keeps the player on the ground and an amazing city for you to explore however the theme of objectivism is played in nice with the storyline.
I find it hard to see a BioShock movie, first of all who would play Jack (the main protagonist of the game) not only who but how? Jack is just a window to the BioShock universe, we control him obviously he doesnt make any linear movements that allows use to say anything about his character. He is the only problem I have with the concept of the movie.
I strongly believe Garry Schyman the games composer should remain the main artist. His music reflected the atmosphere amazingly well and should remain untouched, however I think its incredibly unlikely that Hollywood movies would allow a video game composer to work on a movie as stupid as it my sound.

So heres whose working on it so far:


Juan Carlos Fresnadillo


Gore Verbinski


John Logan 

Im not going to go into the possible actors because anyone could be picked and the film is not even close to that stage yet. Im quite proud of these three, I really liked Juan Carlos 28 Weeks Later he worked with quite average actors and did an awesome job with them.

With the release of Rango an upcoming movie starring Johnny Depp, Director Gore Verbinski was asked about the BioShock movie stating: 
"To get the budget down and still keep so it's true to the core audience."

He went on further to say:

"The thing is it has to be R, a hard R, we don't want to dumb it down, we don't want to make it PG-13. We want to keep it really edgy, and it's a huge bill."
Another video game adapted movie also had a a big bill Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time had a massive bill but made it to the box office, however when asked about Prince Of Persia he replied that BioShock is still amazing with "it's actually a great story.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Marvel vs Capcom Gameplay!

With the announcement of Marvel vs Capocom 3 people are already picking the characters they wanna play first and of course gameplay helps the choice too.


Now this is a Badass trailer!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wonder Woman has an all NEW Look!

DC Comics has completely changed the entire look of Wonder Woman, why is this a big deal you ask? Well its fucking Wonder Woman! The iconic chick became famous because of your costume and taking away one of comics sexiest woman is crazy! Well apparently to everyone else that is the situation. 

To me im not concerned and dont care, I think the new look is awesome and that Jim Lee really did some great stuff and being a big fan of Jim I know that Wonder Woman to me will be readable.
Im defiantly going to pick up #600 of Wonder Woman (where the new look will make its debut) to see what the buzz is all about and knowing its going to be amazing (because Jim Lee is involved). Ill make a review of it on the release.
Looks completely different doesnt it?

People are speculating that the new look has something to do with a Wonder Woman movie, well yes this is possible the film was supposedly meant to be in production since 2001 however the screenplay seemed to just float in the air after a couple of years. The idea seemed to just float around with many different rumors such as actress to take up the role but no confirmation about someone to actually step up to make the movie.
The rights are still there for anyone to step up and make the project however nothing as been confirmed as of yet.
Im sure the new costume will make an impact on some people and hopefully people will enjoy the new look and hopefully a possibility for much more realistic Wonder Woman and hopefully a movie to follow this new look.

With the release of the Superman movie and Batman 3 coming soon im hoping to god they dont make the Justice League.

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