Wednesday, March 30, 2011

All New Year, All New Venom

Now, readers, I know we here at GameBl4rg haven't talked about comics for some time, but what better time to start again than with the unveiling(or unleashing) of the next Venom...

Flash Thompson, high school bully and Spidey fanboy turned American war hero, has been an integral in the Marvel family for years, changing constantly. But now he has been given a new lease of life. Declared a hero for his actions in Iraq, saving his squad even after losing the use of his legs, Flash was recommended fo a very special project. Rebirth2.0 to be precise. Flash has been made the latest host for the alien symbiote venom by the U.S. government and is immediately kitted out and dropped (literally) into Nrosvekistan to kick some ass. This is where we first see this new Venom in action, as he makes his way through the warzone, killin' fools and eating grenades, nothing getting in his way. Well, At least until this happy chappy shows up.

Jack O'Lantern is Thompson's first real challenge, well if you could call it that. you see, after a brief scuffle, Flash loses control of Venom and 'feeds' Jack the aforementioned grenade. I know, awesome.But its not all good for Flash though, as he realizes when he is purged of Venom and returns to his wheelchair. His partner Betty thinks he has gone back to alcohol and confronts him in tears leaving him roaming the darkened streets, reflecting. This combination of pure awesomeness and Flash's dramatic life, definitely make this new Venom one to follow and I hope you'll join me in doing so.  

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Excuse me readers, I'd like to talk about something serious for a while...

There's a lot of "Bad things" on the internet and I think you should hear about it.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nintendo 3DS Review!

It's something i've been hopping off the walls for these past months since it was first announced. Yesterday I went out to get it and boy was I excited. I may have skipped off 2 hours of school to get it but I don't regret it. It might seem odd that i'm already writing a review after getting it yesterday but I haven't put it down for the 24 hours i've had it and took a small break for food and 7 hours for sleep. So where to start...

The 3D:
Everyone has been curious about the 3D this machine is supposed to have. Well it does work and very well I might add. A lot of sites have been spurting out nonsense saying the 3D is awful and a waste of money and it's better to have it off. This couldn't be further from the truth. If you've seen the ads of the 3DS with a bunch of randomers going crazy over seeing 3D for the first time you essentially saw my first reaction to the 3D. There was one thing these sites got right. The "Safe Area" of 3D. To get the 3D effect you must look at the screen head on. If it shifts about 10 degrees to the left or right it makes the screen go blurry. It's not really an error on Nintendos part, more on human genetics. Human eyes aren't meant to see 3D for too long. However the slight shaking that everybody has (although it may not seem like it) no effect. There was one problem I had and that's when I was trying to play it in the car. Didn't work that well at all because of the shaking. As I said humans aren't meant to view 3D. After a while I did get minor head aches. This was after 3-4 hours of 100% 3D so Nintendo and IGN may have exagerated on that part. Thankfully the 3D can be turned down easily and the console can still be enjoyed in 2D. I'll speak on the various games and apps 3D as I get to them.

The Physical Aspect:
The DS has improved vastly since the silver block that was originally released. So how has it improved from the previous DS, The DSI. The Dsi I found was too rectangular and uncomfartable. Also I found that it showed moisture easily. The first DS didn't have any problems and the DS lite have the fingerprint issue. The 3DS... has repaired these issues. It's off a simaler glossy and comfartable material simaler to the DS lite but without the Fingerprints. The new stylus is also more comfartable and a cross between the orignal and the DSi XL, by that I mean it's extendable. I find that it's easier to use at full length but you do what you want. The Analog stick is next. This is something I was sceptical of. Now there's 2 methods of moving around, On a Playstation controller it worked but this I wasn't sure. Now I am sure that it is brilliant. It's really responsive and smooth. It's also compatiable with the original DS games. What I also love is the 3D camera. There's 3 Cameras on this, 1 on the inside for 2d and 2 on the outside for 3D. It works well in the 3D aspect but the camera hasn't increased in the aspect of the quality it can produce. Pics end up being blurry sometimes but it's still nice to have 3D pics of my Dog, Figurines etc. The Buttons themselves too have been improved. They now properly click giving a real response and very little of the mushy feeling that came with a few of the DS forms. There's also a Wireless switch on the side which can be turned off or on in order to save power. There's a FREE 2 GIG SD CARD with all purchases so that's handy and nice of them.

The Digital Side:
The first thing I'd like to talk about is the Battery. As a lot of sites say there's a very small amount of juice in this machine. With all the power at max your battery is drained in about 2 and a half hours. The menu has yet again been improved and has a lot of customizable features. Various built in apps such as the Activity Log are welcome. The Activity Log is constantly recording what you do and ranks games out of things like "Time Played", "Amount Of Times turned on" and keeps a chart of what you do. There's a reward scheme in the 3DS that encourages you to go for a walk. There's a pedometer inside your 3DS, while in stand-by mode, that detects how much you walk and for every 100 steps you get 1 play coin. Then you can spend you play coins on mini games or add ons in game. I've walked 5000 steps with mine from walking my dog twice. I did try, at first, to just shake the 3DS in stand-by mode and it was infrequent so I do recomend going out side and walk about 250 meters or so so that you get close to 1000 steps. Another amazing feature is the one use friend codes. Now you don't need one friend code a game and you can see what your pals are playing when your in the friend menu. Trouble is there's no way to talk to them but it's been hinted at in future updates along with 3D movies, and Classic game store.

Apps and Games:
The first i'll talk about is the "Mii Maker". For those who are unfamiliar with the nintedo Wii, Mii's are essentially avatars, simaler to the ones from the Xbox in every aspect apart from clothes. This works for the 3DS with it being a handheld console but not for the Wii, which shall not be ranted about now. There's actually more stuff on the 3DS version than the Wii which only makes the Wii look worse. With these Mii's you can play little games or take fun pictures with them. The Mii picture app as part of the AR Card games (Which i'll speak more of soon) where you can make artistic or just plain silly pictures with your Mii's. The AR games are another really interesting bit about the 3ds. The gist of it is you place down some cards you get with your 3Ds and you can play games with them. 1 of them is filled with games then there's 5 well known Nintendo characters that can be used in other games. The AR games are really ingenious. In some you can go fishing where ever you put the card down. Another opens up caves, islands, jungles and the occasional dragon statue so that you can shoot targets. Another is a large of pool then there's making 3D pics and there's more you can buy and so many more!. It's truly magnificent these cards. As I said in a recent 3DS update, "Even If I don't like the games i'm sure I can enjoy all the minigames" and boy was I right.
The Dsi Sound returns with better file compatibility and 3D animations of course and so does the picture editing in the photo viewer except with just different layout and features. There's also the Streetpass feature where when your 3DS is in standby it automatically trades data with any nearby 3Ds's such as your Mii, Friend Data and Play log data. Sadly I haven't met anyone while walking my dog who had a 3Ds but there is a solution. Around the world Streetpass events are being held so you can just look them up to see if there's one in your city/ town... or you could start your own ^_^.
DS Download play is still here just without it's old pal pictochat and the myth about region locking is a lie. I turned on my American Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin and it ran fine. There certainly is a lot of features and more are to be arriving in the coming months such as 3D movies, and Classic games.
5 hero cards in action
My dog in Sepia
My Dog in Sepia 2
The Dragon Boss in AR: Shooting
Ar Shooting Level 1, Played on my floor.
AR card Main Menu
Sony VS. Nintendo!
Normally when people dig behind my sofa they find pennies, Link here found 20 ruppes...

Hero Card line up

AR Card Game Loading

AR Game Main Menu


Cosy by the fireplace

Scaling my fireplace

Suicide off my coffee table

The 3DS should you get it? In my humble opinion I suggest you do. It's worth the €250 to get and it's only going to get better and with no 3DS lite or an equivelant of that announced, I suggest you don't wait around for something that may not be coming out for another year.

  • The 3D
  • Huge amount of apps and minigames
  • Improved style of console AND stylus.
  • WAY better online and soon to be better!
  • 3D movies (Short clips come out with the latest update)
  • Launch titles (Although I have been enjoying my Lego Star Wars III despite my earlier scepticism)
  • Safe area to get the 3D effect
  • Stylus location (Hard to get out and awkward area)

 9.5 /10

It's not perfect, nothing is, but the half mark is removed for the general failing of the 3D safe area and the lack of some of the big launch titles announced at E3.

Friday, March 25, 2011

3DS IS HERE!!!!!

This isn't a review, just a quick announcement that I got my 3DS today on european launch day. Samurai Warrior Chronicles (Game I was planning to get) dosen't appear to be here in Ireland so I got Lego Star wars3. Review will be up in a number of days... And yes... The 3D DOES work!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Capitan America All New Trailer

Eagerly anticipating this movie with all my comic book love and it seriously looks awesome. This trailer clearly focuses on all the action bits so sit back and enjoy some good ol' Cap!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

3DS Update


Well everyone it's almost time. The 3DS is set to realease here in Ireland this Friday. I have mine pre-ordered. DO YOU?! Now seeing as it's been around a month since the Japenese release date reviews and videos are already flooding teh interwebz. I'm gonna take this time to talk about some things that have peaked my interests and things I have found out since the last 3DS update I put up here. Some of you might also be wondering about the whole Earthquake/Tsunami in Japan well the Nintendo said everything was good with them in this statement:

Business operations, including future product shipments, have not been affected. Our thoughts and best wishes are with everyone who has friends and family members who may have been affected by the earthquake or tsunami.

Number one. Piracy be gone?
As everyone knows, Nintendo consoles are notoriously easy to pirate. To crack the wii you simply put a save file on your console and load up the game. I'm being serious look it up. For the original DS you just slipped in a game card. Now personally I did pirate my DS. This was because of the lack of effort put into games and the ridiculous prices nintendo tries to keep up. It's been around 3 years and The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess is still €45 new (About 55 US $). That's some fucked up shit right there. So I pirated the handheld and have no regrets. €15 for the card and downloaded many games, some of which just highlighted my point for getting the Flash Card in the first place. With the DSI it just locked the Card out of the console if it caught you using thanks to the various updates. With the 3DS they lock YOU out of the console. Yep it gets bricked. Personally I don't want a €250 lump of plastic wasting away in my room. However if I have heard correctly, the Psp has the same security feature but it's bricking can be fixed just by swapping the battery out for a fan made one. So We shall see how well Nintendo can contend with this. It wouldn't really help though seeing as it downloads security updates when on standby.

Number 2: Games
I was really excited when I saw the line up for the 3DS 2011 games at E3. One of my favourite games *As you can see in my top 10 gaming moments (Metal Gear Solid 3)* was being re-made for the DS with a MGS4 engine. The 10 minute trailer they released later was pure heaven. Let's also not forget the Legend Of Zelda Orcarina of Time. Now i've only played 3 Zelda Titles (Twilight Princess (Wii) Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass (DS)) Each of them were completly different but maintained their same style combat and puzzles, so if Orcarina of Time follows this path, I'll be on happy camper. Then there's
  1. Assasins Creed Lost Legacy
  2. Mario Kart
  3. Kingdom Hearts
  4. Professor Layton
I don't know about you but I didn't see these on the launch titles list... As it turns out these ARE meant to be coming out in 2011 but just not yet. Instead the launch titles are as follows;
  1. Pilotwings Resort
  2. Nintendogs + Cats: Golden Retriever & New Friends *
  3. Nintendogs + Cats: French Bulldog & New Friends
  4. Nintendogs + Cats: Toy Poodle & New Friends
  5. Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition *
  6. The Sims 3 *
  7. PES 2011 3D – Pro Evolution Soccer
  8. LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars *
  9. Ridge Racer 3D
  10. Super Monkey Ball 3D
  11. Samurai Warriors: Chronicles *
  12. Asphalt 3D
  13. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars
  14. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 3D
  15. Rayman 3D (Re-Make of Rayman 2) *
While there are some notable titles e.g. Street Fighter and Lego Star Wars there isn't any of the titles I was excited about at E3. Titles I am interested in are marked with a *.
  • Personally I don't want to get Nintendogs because I don't like cats and for a second tier game whose main boost is the addition of Cats I don't like it.
  • The Sims series has never been great (in my opinion) on any console other than the PC.
  • Lego Star Wars 3 dosen't sound right to me. I've seen a few clips of it on Sky and I just don't think i'd like it. I'd be more inclined to buy one from the original six.
  • I've never been a fan of Street Fighter (I'm more of a Tekken man) I've played Street Fighter one in HD on my PS3 and just didn't like it. I'd have to get a lend of it or a demo before I'd ever buy it.
  • Rayman 3D is yet ANOTHER remake on the most re-made game ever, Rayman 2. I didn't like it on the PS1 much but there was something there. Maybe a buy down the line perhaps.
  • Which leaves me with the last title, Samurai Warrior Chronicles. This looks pretty bitching but I haven't found any reviews yet so let's hope I amen't dissapointed which looks like it will be my first game for it.

At least there won't be nothing for me to do if I AM dissapointed. There are many little aps such as the AR cards which can be printed off and put on t-Shirts and much bigger pieces of paper to make the game more fun. There's also Mii Viewer and all the features of street pass and more to waste time on.

Samples of the App. Mii Viewer.

Well that's all I have to say... UNTIL FRIDAY BWAHAHAHAHAHA!.

Also on a Final Note. You may have noticed a review for the 3DS on Ign. According to them it deserves a 7.5. Every other site I see gived it from a 10 to a 8.5 with a lot of them declaring that Ign= IGNorant. So I wouldn't think it wise for you to follow the Lambs (Peope) into the the Slaughter house( IGN) as it seems everyone else says otherwise.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Top 5 Gaming Moments

What is all this commotion of TheUsualType once again trying to take over this Bl4rG I created? Well if he can talk about his top gaming moments then so can I. I choose 5 because its a nice round number, plus I want to outline that these moments is the reason why I love gaming and why its an amazing entertainment medium.

Spoiler Alert: All of these games consist of massive plot reveals these games consist of: BioShock, BioShock 2, Gears Of War 2, Limbo and Red Dead Redemption. 

So these aren't going to be in any specific order. I cant put a number on my favourite moment to be honest, they all are awesome moments in video games but I hope you'll certainly see why I love these moments.

Red Dead Redemption: The Confrontation of Dutch 
So first up was the best game I played last year Red Dead Redemption. Which is about John Marston, the main protagonist, trying to hunt down his old gang that remain threats to the west of America. The lawless land has changed with time due to the U.S. government looking to clean up the area from these psychopathic gangs. John, who is forced by government agents (Ross and Archer), finds redemption from his gang years by hunting down his old gang. However Dutch (the leader of Johns old gang) makes a defining moment in the game by making a speech that gave the whole experience of Red Dead Redemption worthwhile. John who is trying desperately to change his ways and seek redemption faces his old friend Dutch who reveals to him that you just cant fight change. What is key about this speech is that Dutch was right. 

Limbo: The End
Limbo is defiantly the best game on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Its is stunningly beautiful and has probably one of the best plots in a game. I was surprised at how bleak the game was yet when I got to the end I felt a full string of emotions. Its hard to explain and I tried to in my review but the only people who understand Limbo is the people who played it. The ending is what made the experience for me the innocence, the symbolism and the graphics is what blew me away.

BioShock: The Death of Andrew Ryan
This is the very moment that started my long addiction to BioShock. There is no better story in a game than BioShock. There is nothing better than it when it comes to storyline. This one moment proved to me that games aren't just mindless shoot em ups. Andrew Ryan proves that your either a man or a slave, and wishes to die at his own terms by the hand of his son. And just when you think all is well the shit truly hits the fan when your guiding friend proves to be the real enemy.

BioShock 2: Ending (Good) 
Another great moment in the BioShock franchise that made this game a worthy sequel of the titan BioShock. This ending just made me love the series even more than I already did. The amazing voice acting from Irish actress Sarah Bolger makes this scene. But the truly amazing thing is the what you did in the game to achieve this ending. From the beginning you are aware that your Little Sister Eleanor has been keeping a watch over you, and from the start you are setting an example for your daughter. By every act you are doing in the game you are paving the way for your daughter by example. Saving the Little Sisters and turning the cheek to the people who have wronged you brings you to this final little cut scene. This ending made the whole game worthwhile and to some is a tearjerker.

Gears Of War 2: Dominic Santiago Finds His Wife, Maria
This is why I love Gears Of War. Gears Of War 2 was the second game I played on the Xbox 360 and playing through the single player campaign with my good friend Spartan3PC proved to be an awesome experience. It was a good laugh to play through the horribly violent bits of Gears Of War 2 chainsawing people etc. But when Tai killed himself that was when the experience became much more serious, resisting to think about which character would die next we came to find that killing him was not the worst you could put these guys through. Dominic, evidently my favourite character in the series, is clearly the likeable character not the glorified war hero we would expect him to be. He is likeable because he is relatable to a certain extent, he makes a joke when appropriable and carry's a background full of horrors. What is ultimately amazing about Gears is how even though these men know that their world is completely destroyed they can still make jokes about their lives and their situation. Dominic is no glorified war hero, he is a hero because he still finds meaning in his life when there is truly nothing left. When me and Spartan 3PC watched this scene we instantly became silent, watching a tortures scene like this requires that, shivers went down my spine from the music and the amazing voice acting by Carlos Ferro.

Hope you enjoyed these scenes I put together. Defiantly nice list I put together here, some of my favorite games here. Share any of your favourite moments if you'd like. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Top 10 Moments In Gaming

Today a friend of mine asked me "What's your top 10 favourite gaming moments". Many of them springed to mind but if I was to choose only 10 on the spot i'd feel I chose wrong and a cycle would start with me changing. So I decided to put it in writing, to forever store my top 10 favourite moments...Until something else knocks a game off of it. Some of these should come as a surprise, others not. Some of these are funny, Some are deeply emotional. Some are epic, Some are just plain silly. So... On with the show.

This was the first Zelda game I ever owned and the majority of it, blew me away. It was a great old puzzle combat game and with an amazing trio of last boss fights the ending certainly lived up to my expectation. The one problem I had with it was the stupid scream Ganondorf does when he's delivered the final blows by Link

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days was a great game I picked up for the NDS one day. Being a fan of the Kingdom Hearts series I was happy to play it and found it as a great spin off to the series. This is the second last cut scene but loved how they tied up all loose ends which could've led into Kingdom Hearts 2. ( It's a prologue to it but is set immediatly after the first) Good ending, Short and sad. Messed up looking if you haven't played the game

This is a great game where essentially everything revolves around your choices whether you're good or evil. To bring you briefly up to speed; Evil guy name Kessler kidnaps the Hero/ Villans girlfriend and you must safe her or doctors who are attached to the rooves of buildings, However Kessler sorts it out so that she dies no matter who you save. Then she says I love you or you're a douche depending on your Karma

Wow very Morbid aren't we?. This wouldn't be a list without a Metal Gear. I wouldn't use Naomi because I hated her. I wouldn't use Emma Emmerich because she was a VERY minor character who dies almost straight away and Snake's death isn't confirmed at the end. I loved Zero in Metal Gear 3, mainly for his "OMFG YOU NO LIKE IN JAMES BOND 007 WAAAAA" style comments and just loved how Big Boss killed him and then died himself

There's a funny story behind this, before I played this game I hated GTA. I thought that the highlight of this story would be "YO NIGGA SNORT SOME COKE RAPE SOME BITCHES" But then I played this and realised the highlight was "YO NIGGA SNORT SOME COKE RAPE SOME BITCHES THEN AVENGE YOUR CRAZY VIRGIN IRISH GIRLFRIEND". But seriously GTA 4 does have a great story line (Mainly thanks to Little jacob speaking "English"). Felt stupid when I first watched this and noticed how Niko fires a desert eagle more times than it actually has bullets ( Ending is altered slightly depending on what gun you have equipped)

Originally I feared that I'd not like this game, being Rockstar and all. Once I gave it a go I was immediatly hooked. It was no surprise to me this got so many awards and it deserved every single one of them.

This was one series I never thought would truly make me show some true emotion after I finished the first game. Second one made me feel a bit happy this one however made me shed a few tears. Possibly one of the saddest death in a video game, Laytons lost love Clare is revealed to have been alive all this time as she was originally meant to be killed in a mistake caused by an attempt in creating a time machine (The explosion mentioned at the start) However the machine was a success for a split second . Clare was sent 10 years in the future. However her molecular structure was unstable and is slowly being brought back to her own time. To the moment of the blast. To those who want to see what got me all sad and gloomy go to 4:50.

Truely an amazing ending. Yet another ending which brought me close to tears. Sadly enough for me it contains my favourite speech/monologue in a video game. It really is complicated so i'll just stick up the video for your viewing pleasure.



If you knew I like this Final Fantasy the most, you'd be bat fuck insane to think this wouldn't be included. There have been deaths in Final Fantasy titles past and Present but none were more powerful and well written than the death of Aeris from Final Fantasy 7. This was truly a master piece and is even more of a Master piece if you knew the story behind it. I have many saves at this point on my 5 versions of the game, Yes you read it right 5... (PC, PS1 Europe two of them, PSN version europe, Psn Version America and Psn europe on PSP. So 2 genunine hard copies and 6 versions 2 of which being the same).


Well I did try and keep only one Final Fantasy title here but I just couldn't help it. This is the only Happy ending I have on this list. It's filled with as much emotion as a climax could possibly have and even after a year nearly of completing it, the joy can prove to be too much (Talk about sad...). Amazing ending and although i'm not usually a fan of R&B I loved Leona Lewis singing My Hands at the end. If you wanted to see my psychopathic obsession of the graphics and music and story in one, there's no better place than this.

To end off my countdown, I thought i'd make some honourable mentions.
  • Little Big Planet 1- Cheesy but funny.
  • Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core- Great ending but ruined by innapropriate music
  • Brutal Legend - Ending / Dark Ophelia emerging
  • Call Of Duty endings
  • God Of War 3 Opening

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

God Of War 3 Review


God of War 3 is the Climatic sequel to the God Of War series. Yet again the player picks up as Kratos, the ex God Of War after recruiting the Titans to take revenge on Zeus and the rest of Mount Olympus.
This was the first of the God Of War series I ever played. To put it simply, I was blown away. The opening scene we see as the various Gods fly down to confront the Titans and Kratos. Miniscule items recieved a really good graphical touch with lighting from the cracks of the bark in Gaia, to the flames of Helios. Being a big fan of Greek mythology thanks to "Age of Mythology" I loved recognizing all the various characters. The proper game opens up with you being put through the paces of combat. I loved swinging around 2 giant swords with chains on them slaughtering large groups of skeletal zombies. There was one thing I noticed and that was the music played a small bit to it. I personally can't recall any big pieces because none stood out from the sounds of my Semi Naked Spartan. This was my opinion of the game...for the first 25 minutes.

The novelty of the graphics ran out soon and stayed that way for the majority of the game. If I wanted a game with incredibly detailed dark caves I'd just go and get Red Faction Armagedon when it comes out. After the opening scenes the majority of this game is spent either in caves or building. The story was informative and good. This was my first God Of War game so I had no prior knowledge of what happened. The game filled me in quite quickly. The campaigns story did go on moderatly well, not an oscar movie but not a Chuck Lorre comedy either (Two and a half men ( I hate that show)). I loved the boss fights, each one unique. Some surprised me, Hercules especially as his arms are as big as fucking cows.

One thing didn't sit well with me. That was the ridiculous amount of fucked up pornography in it. Don't get me wrong, I'm a straight guy who is proud of being straight but it gets really fucked up. The first I noticed of it was when you kill the medusa warriors. You jump on their back, pull on their snake hair and try and rip off their heads. All the time they are screaming and... you guessed it (or you probably didn't because of how messed up it was) a big ol' pair of reptillian titties swinging all around the place. But oh know it didn't stop there. Various genitaelea were exposed throughout the game. Human nakedness in the form of Poseidens prositute ( Who you rip their arms off) is topless and a few minutes later came the nuclear bomb of fucked up-ed ness was revealed. You meet with the one God, who you don't try and kill, Aphrodite, The God of Sex and pleasure who has 2 great personal assests if you catch my drift. This wasn't all oh no. The creators had to turn it into a sex minigame. You must press buttons, wiggle or shift analog sticks in order to pleasure the godess all the while hearing some graphic noises as you don't get to see anything they do. You do however get to see two of Aphrodites chamber girls, who of course, also boast 2 big assets each and appear not to have heard of Underwear.

Now I think i've talked enough about breasts. The combos, while gory and extravagent, quickly grow boring. Although you are awarded with new weapons and accessories they all follow the same combos and are just boring. When my friend told he completed this game in 6 hours I thought he was over-reacting. Turns out he wasn't as I easily matched this speed and there's no extra things (Not really anyway) to do afterwards.

In conclusion; This game could've been a great game but they seemed to lose heart half the way through especially the end was boring.
Good stuff
  • +This game had great graphics
  • +Story was informative and moderatly good for the majority of the game

Bad Sturf
  • -This game was made by sex addicted freaks, I don't know about you but I don't like big reptillian titties swinging into my face.
  • - Combos are WAY too boring.
  • -Wavered toward the end
  • Music was awful and none stood out at all

Monday, March 14, 2011

On a side note...

Just thought i'd announce that i've made a new Youtube account.
ThatPaulFellow Channel
Already have a Little Big Planet video uploading and will upload more as time goes on.

Pokémon Black and White... Why I amn't getting it...

Pokémon, A series that has been close to the hearts of millions worldwide and a staple game of the gaming industry and a game that's been especially close to my heart... Until now.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Final Fantasy XIII Review

Logo of Final Fantasy XIII- The First of the Fabula Nova Crysallis
It's been just over a year of it's release and as I write this, it's the eve of the first time I played it (My 16th birthday). I think that by now i've played it enough to give a real review.

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Review

Its been ten years since the release of Marvel vs Capcom 2, an epic landmark of the fighting genre in today's industry, the third instalment took its time to get here but ultimately still makes a riveting impression in the genre as a whole. Its definitely something you must appreciate considering its not the favorable genre anymore.  

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

DLC Anyone..?

Upon hacking Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, a hacker stumbled upon code which was written for two as yet unseen characters...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Good internet games.

Hey everyone.
This past weekend i've been playing a few games around teh interwebz and after many "My top ,,, internet games" i've found some real gems in between... literally the shit.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

No MW3 However we do get a jizztastic, 2 minute awesome fest of a Live action MW2 trailer!

Well the Find Makarov link turned out to be a trailer. This trailer however is breathtaking. These guys have some REAL talent

Unsure whether this project will continue.

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