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Four nerd's from Dublin, Ireland that express an avid interest in the gaming, comics and the movie industry.

Adam Timmins (Adamtimtim) 
Status: Writer 
Adam believe's that he is the love child of Marilyn Monroe and the illegitimate child of James Dean, and lives in an imaginary 50's universe. He refuses to come to terms with the real world. He enjoys long walks on the beach, listening to Frank Sinatra, watching Mad Men and being provocatively sexist.

Adam was always interested in rich storytelling and has always been using the maximum capacity of his imagination, it was just recently that Adam faced the horrible truth that he wasn't a velociraptor. He has been interested in comic books since he was ten and is in love with the Silver Surfer. He remains to be a movie buff  from the age of 13 believing Hollywood has died and that the movie industry must situate itself in South Korea. His taste in games depend mostly on its innovation and storyline, if it has either or, Adam is interested. 

Paul Redmond (TheUsualType)

Status: Writer

Paul has a decent 14 years of gaming under his belt and loves a well mixed variety of games such as the Final Fantasy series and Metal Gear Solid series. Being the only member of the Blarg who doesn't own an Xbox isn't a problem as his other consoles, handhelds etc. more than make up for it. You can usually find him on his Ps3 at "Theusualtype" playing the exclusives which he holds so dear to his heart. 
Paul Cuffe (Spartan3PC)

Status: Writer

His name has gained Legendary status among those who know him.  His Music tastes consist of Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore and many more Rock Icons. He himself plays the Guitar but is resigned to the fact that he may never reach the Mastery of his Favourite musicians. Paul is also a big Science Fiction fan and promises to keep you up to date with the staple franchises of Sci-Fi. Paul also thinks of himself as a Sexy Beast.

Paul has always been an avid Gamer. He goes all the way back to the days of the Playstation 1. Many times he would play co-op games with his Equally Legendary Uncle "Ace", on his Playstation console. Paul would remain exclusive to the Playstation brand until the year 2004 when, his uncle introduced him to the Original Xbox. Originally buying it for a Star Wars game, it would ultimatey be Halo: Combat Evolved that made the Xbox his platform of choice. A key component of a good video game is the Story, and this is what Paul looks at when giving his opinion about it.

Joey Highland (EngageRaspberry) 
Status: Writter

<Whale noise>

Eoin Redmond (TicTacTow) 

Status: Consultant 

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