Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Deeply unsatifying,Disgracefull character development(Except from Harry) and a riddiculous plot makes me think that the Half Blood Prince is the WORST add on to the series.
The film starts quite well and ends quite crap.I came into the cinema thinking that this is going to be very dark,however it ended up being a teenage romance film that usually ends up the same way,being crap.The first and most annoying thing about the film was that the camera always pointed on Harry's point of view I didnt even read the books and I knew that the books focuses on other charecters such as Snape and Dumbledore.
Although the film has some nice chemistry with Happiness,Laughter and Darkness the film simply centered around one thing the most and that was simply the teenage romance of Ginny and Harry.
I know that this is a huge part of the series,and this is what the film probably only succeded in,but throughout these parts I was hopeing to see at least one badass scene with Dumbledore or really anybody with a wand and this deeply annoyed me when nothing happend throughout the film,Im not an action freak,so it seemed to be too light in my taste when it really shouldnt.
Overall I got a film with absolutly no feeling.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Public Enemies Review

Michael Mann returns in this new historical gangster/cop film,based on true events the movie takes place in 1935 during the wall street crash,or what some people will call the year of the Public Enemies.It was called this because of the massive increase of robbery during that period and year.The film centers around Jhon Dillinger,and if you never heard of him you should be smacked in the face,played by the amazing Johnny Depp along with Christian Bale who plays Melvin Purvis the lead the detective of the FBI trying to catch Jhon Dillinger,Baby face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd these where the infamous bank rober team during the 1930's.
Id first of all like to say that this film is really nothing you will expect.If your looking for a real gangster film that you wont find alot in it,your really looking at a strange mix of 75% cop film and a 25% gangster film which is quite disapointing,the majority of the film settles on Jhon Dillinger however its not all fun and games,at the start yes but as you get into it more it seems to be and epic strugle for him not to get caught and you are wondering throughout the film how he is going to get caught,but when the film shows you more and more escape scenes the film gets very untastefull.Although the film is quite historically true it leaves out alot of the fun scenes of Jhon Dillinger,the film only shows so many bank robberys but Jhon Dillinger is the master of bank robberys,he has robbed over 24 banks and escaped from jail twice,its a pitty not to see much of Jhon Dillingers amazing talents.Now dont get me wrong,there are many scenes that says Jhon Dillinger is a hilliarious guy but the legend part seems not to be present.
What has replaced the legendary scenes are what made me think this is a more of a cop film is the many FBI scenes with Christian Bale.So first of id like to say that Christian Bales acting in this film is suprisingly good not to say that Christian Bales acting is bad in many films but the very raspy voice he does in alot of his films such as Terminator Salvation and The Dark Knight
does not seem to be present,instead it was very much a voice from that time and it was not raspy in any way.He played his charecter very well,although I couldnt help feel that he didnt completly understand Purvis other than that I felt very satisfied with his job in this film and I have defiantly seen a better side acting of Christian Bale and hope to see much more in later projects.The scenes of the FBI very much centerd around catching Dillinger and his crew,which made much more of a cop film than a gangster film,the reason for this was that the very less scenes of Dillingers greatest moments,and although we wanted to see what happened on both sides the only side that came to the full was defianlty the FBI scenes the reason for this was because they showed everything from when Purvis joined the case to catching Dillinger which was quite nice however they did miss out on alot of Dillinger scenes.
Overall im very satisfied with the film and is very much a film of either you love it or hate it personally I loved it,I liked that one of my two favorite actors where in one film I could very much enjoy.The acting was suprisingly good on both parts Johhny Depp and Christian Bales.Although the film could use big tweeks it could have been much better.

What could have been the best film this summer,came to be a frustrating and just about satisying.


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