Saturday, April 25, 2009

State Of Play and Public Enemies

I havent got to see many films this month,the only three was:

Man I Love You.......Hillarious
State Of Play..........Amazing!                                     
Ill start of with Draonball by saying it was awfull,ive heard it awfull for Dragonball fans and everyone not one good element of the film.
Man I Love You is one of the best comedys out this year,as we know its the dawn of Seth Rogan films,although the film isint a Seth Rogen written film its Jason Segel that brings the hillarious dark comedy too the film.Jasoon Segel was the writter and starred in Forgeting Sarah Marshall he was also in Knocked Up as one of Seths room mates.But we cant forget Paul Rudd who was in many well known films,without these guys it would be nothing.
State Of Play will most likely be one of the best films I will see this year,everything was great about the film the acting is out-standing the storyline is twisty and turny but it is fantastic.The choice of actors is ok,Russell Crowe is perfect for Cal Mcaffrey and Ben Affleck played really well however Russell Crowe is what 40-50 and Ben Affleck is like 30-40 in the movie the charecters where room mates it just seemed that Ben Affleck or Russell Crowe was out of place,But none the less I wouldnt change one bit of it because the film had real depth,although many people were looking forward to Brad Pitt to play as Cal Mcaffrey,I think Russell did an out-standing job and I really dont think Pitt would do a good job.
While I was in the cinema today I saw a trailer of a film that caught me off guard on my intel in movies,the movie was Public Enemies.Johhny Depp,one of my all time favorite actors,and another great favorite of mine Christian Bale,are doing a film together,this was a real shock I never really considerd Johhny Depp or Christian Bale in one movie together,other then Batman 3,it seems like a good mix Johhny Depp as the badass bank rober and Christian Bale as FBI bureau chief.The Trailer looked insane and the original movie was a classic so im  very much looking forward to it!


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