Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Hangover Review

The Hangover is an enjoyable hillarious comedy, directed by the guy who is involved in everything Todd Phillips and written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore.The film stars the rising actor Bradly Cooper(Phil Wenneck),the not so noticed Ed Helms(Stu Price),the never heard of Zach Galifianakis(Alan Garner) and the guy who was Riley in National Treasure and is the only thing he ever did we could recognise him from Justin Bartha(Doug Billings).So as we know the only recogniseable actor in the list is Bradly Cooper who was really good in Wedding Crashers and was ok in Yes Man and so far from these films we can tell that he is a dependable actor.Overall this is the only actor we can recognise from this film.The Hangover is about Doug Billings becomeing married,and decides to have a bachelor party with his friends and his fiancee's brother Alan which is pretty weird and a little crazy,before they go Dougs father in law gives him the sexy car which name I do not know,and makes a hillarious statement "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,except genital herpes" to true.

So as the 4 goes to Vegas in a beautiful car and ready to get absolutely pissed out of there minds, seems like its going to be the best time of there lives right?
Well when Alan accidently puts ruphees what he that was ecstasy in there drinks the 3 wake up realiseing they have no idea what happend to them last night they also realise the groom is missing.So they are runing all around Las Vegas trying to find Doug and realising that there consequences of last night is coming back to kick them in the balls.
The film is really enjoyable for 16 and over and defienatly goes into the catagory of the best comedys you have to see,that catagory would be Superbad,Knocked Up and Forgeting Sarah Marshall.Although the Hangover isint as funny as those films it still goes into the list of a must see comedy,the acting was spot on and seting was perfect(cant go wrong with Vegas) and also the very funny comedy of Ken Jeong who just comes into these films and does an amazing job.
The films highlight is the acting of Bradly Cooper who is,Im sure,will be a more recogniseable actor in the future.

Overall I very much enjoyed this film and I am even cosidering watching it again.


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