Friday, August 21, 2009


Lately I havent done much on either Youtube or been blogging,ive been doing lots of other stuff like video making courses etc,my birthday was the begining of August and hopefully now ill be able to get Easy Cap to start recording some things on my Xbox and PS3 and the delay is just really annoying now,the delay is money and time of course there is 3 games im geting for the xbox this year and id like to have that stored away until they come out.These games are Batman:AA,Halo ODST and obviously Modern Warfare 2,I was going to get LFD:2 however it seems like a rip off since I never played the first one and that Valve are ripping the fans of the game off,so im not supporting them robbing my money.Ill get easy cap as soon as I have the money.

As for movies lately I havent botherd writting full reviews since it takes up alot of time and that I could rate it on Rotten Tomatoes since im a big fan of the site any new,old or DVDS will be rated here and there for now on however if you want to see quick ones go to there.


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