Friday, October 30, 2009

Borderlands Overview!

Well it hasn't been even a week yet and I have managed to complete Borderlands the hybrid RPG shooter from Gearbox Software that has "bazillions" of guns.It may seems a bit off but it defiantly feels comfortable when you start laying on the couch and enjoying the ride,it is int peculiar in any way if you have played Halo or Call Of Duty then you will feel right playing Borderlands.

Its defiantly the lazy mans way of getting into an RPG its not a real hardcore RPG its a hadcore shooter,you dont really get options playing this game its real direct the only way that feels like a a RPG is the World Of Warcraft style of picking up quests and going and doing them.
It may seem dull but when you start getting into the brawling, you will find ALOT of loot and I mean alot.I mean there is so much loot you will start filling your inventory by level 5.It is a good addition to the game and gives it some color and uniqueness and plenty of fun when you start firing shotgun shells of electricity.
I'm glad Randy Pitchford hyped alot about this game,he may have shoved a big fuck you to other RPGs but nonetheless I think he presented it quite well up the release date.
Its quite weird how Gearbox didn't promote the leveling up concept of the game more,they seemed to go on more about Cell Shading (which I liked) than the level up part which is odd,because I at least never seen a power leveling shooter on the console and it is really refreshing to play.
Defiantly a no brainier shooter but I guess that makes it a little bit fun,some brownie points for Cell Shading,Loot and Bazillions of guns :)


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