Thursday, December 31, 2009

Modern Warfare 2 Overview

If you haven't heard of Modern Warfare 2 half the population on earth would safely agree that your another life form out of this world.It is on record the most selling product the entertainment business has to offer over the 24 hour period,well and obviously the best selling game of all time says Activision the cocky bastards may be right at this point.

Ever since the Call Of Duty franchise began it has started off like any WW2 video game has to offer,Heroes,Nazis etc etc.But in 2007 Infinity Ward spiced things up by bringing the Heroes concept to a Modern Day period not only did we see the full might of the Infinity Ward as a company we also saw the series taking a giant leap into gaming history with its exciting multiplayer keeping you on your heels the whole time you grip that controller.It not only gripped hardcore gamers but also got average gamers to get into the fun,so the typical casual gamer would always have an EA sports game and Call Of Duty 4.So people where thrilled to hear that a sequel was in the making.
Modern Warfare 2 has the biggest build to a game I have ever seen,it had people on the edges of there seats for any news about the game so some rumors were bound to happen,but when the final game came we where all surprised at how much they added,people thought of the idea of vehicles but everyone knows that would ruin it and at the core all we wanted was more weapons.
Modern Warfare 2 has a lot to offer its attention to detail is immaculate you dont walk through a house and say thats out of place sure your going to busy because of your objectives but everything felt right.Storyline could have been described better but overall when it added up it kind of felt right you just couldn't get all that madness with a little bit of political madness. Characterization was spot on the voices for the character where spot on and the faces matched the voices.The Multiplayer was real deep its more or the less the same except much more fast paced and balanced so you get a very deep experience.
Overall it was worth the wait and hype your always going to have silly sues who are dissing it because they wont to show there a much more hardcore nerd i mean gamer but being number 1 on the most played multiplayer on Xbox Live shows something and I doubt it will move for a long time.


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