Saturday, September 17, 2011

Drive is Opening This Week, Go See It

About a month back I was fortunate to go to the first day of Movie Fest. This was a cool little event in Dublin where they were showing films that weren't coming out for a good fews months. I was aware that two films were being shown plus a number of trailers that were exclusive to Comic-Con this year, the two films were Fright Night and The Change Up which I knew about when I bought the tickets. However I did not anticipate that a secret film was being shown and that film was a Cannes Film Festival winner Drive. Just the day before my brother comes up to me and tells me to look at a trailer for an upcoming movie called Drive, needless to say I was very impressed yet doubtful that the 'guy from the Notebook' could pull off any kind of badass.

Fortunately I got to see this film a day after I saw the trailer so I could still remember my impressions of the trailer before I saw the film, those impressions went right out the window when I saw the opening scene. The film is very unique in the sense of its direction, there is not a lot of talking in Drive just a lot of acting. Not going to talk a lot about this movie but I just want to get my word out that this is a beast of a movie and has totally changed my image of Ryan Gosling who is absolutely incredible in this movie along with Carrie Mulligan who is also exceptional. This is definitely on my movie of the year list. So if you wanna go to the cinema this week? Go see this movie, you will not regret it. 


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