Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rockstar Announce GTA V

Earlier on today, Rockstar officially announced Grand Theft Auto five on their official website.

And that's about all we know. If you go to their site they just have the picture shown above with the date of November 2nd underneath. Safe to assume that's when we'll get our first trailer.

So yeah ! New GTA ! Mr. J will be pleased.


Major.Mack said...

never really liked GTA

Blake said...

I hope to Gawd!! they don't put in collect 200 licenses plates or kill 100 pigeons. This does not help my OCD!!

The Gameolio Podcast said...

Haha poor Blake :(

I hope they put a game in there that I'll actually want to finish. Haven't felt like completing one since Vice City.

Oliver M said...

I cannot wait! San Andreas always was the best location in my opinion!

Blake said...

Blog abandoned?!

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