Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Walking Dead - Episode 3: The Long Road Ahead Reaction

Damn it all to hell! Why Telltale? You make the emotion so raw with your ridiculously good storytelling I mean, why? Why are you so good at doing this?!? What tragic lives have you lived?!? Are you all living the lives of paranoid schizophrenics that hear a voice of a guy called Ronaldo telling you that zombies actually exist?!? If so you should seriously get that checked out....

But in all seriousness, paranoid schizophrenia is not something to necessarily joke about, and neither is Telltale. The reason being is because Telltale and schizophrenia are serious things because you could possibly get schizophrenia from playing Telltale's The Walking Dead. I'm super serious! The agonizing decisions one has to make multiplied by the time limit one has added on by the emotional stress by ones decisions could lead to the breakdown of thought process and poor emotional responsiveness. Or schizophrenia for short. It's a super serious problem you guys! 

Take for example, that awful decision of doing nothing in the second episode where I had to choose between  helping Lilly save her father or help Kenny kill her father. It was a tough position because I didn't want to loose my loyalty to Kenny (who was awesome until that point) and I really didn't want to piss off Lilly (because she was a bitch [still is]). Well the thought process was too much and I didn't decide quick enough and Kenny squashed Larry's head in with a boulder (or something). My emotional response was too much of course and it was hard to go on, but being the resilient bastard I am, I continued. 

Of course that decision ultimately came back to bite my ass so hard that the emotional response to that decision I made so long ago in the other episode was even harder to cope with. It hit me right in the feels man,

Right in the feels! 
And my character was gonna get laid man! Damn it all to hell! I did not make those agonising decision that tested my manlihood to end up with nothing good going for my character. Dam it all to hell! 

Well at the end of the day at least we still have Clementine and unlike 'Papa' in The Road I actually managed to do some good for that little girl that has (somehow) managed to stay alive all this time. Anyway, I recommend you start playing this game its an EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER! 


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