Friday, June 1, 2012

Prometheus Rant (and why I love it!) NO SPOILERS!

Hey guys! Long time no see, yea I get it we haven't posted in quite a while but we're approaching are final year in school and as always exams ensue. So least to say we're pretty freaking busy at the moment. And yes, I know this Bl4rG looks abandoned but we're working on a return to the usual repertoire of all things..........Bl4rGable? 

Anyway, I logged on to talk about one thing and that is this years highly anticipated Sci Fi movie Prometheus. I am not going to review it because I don't have time to, maybe later this month if possible. But I just wanted to say my two cents on the movie and I'm glad to say that I cant say anything really bad about the film itself, it's a truly enjoyable movie that Scott has directed. But I just want to clear up anything everyone has said about...what exactly this.... film is....

Now it is a prequel, that is obvious, but what I came away from was a film that broke the rules of the original 1979 classic Alien. And for that I'm truly grateful Scott, the Alien franchise had already killed itself so long ago that the original Alien itself was now a children's toy easily accessed at Disneyland. The horror! So I consider this the best achievement the film set out to make and that's all I'm going to say about the actual movie. You can judge for yourself what the film achieves you like most and I can say that it makes quite a lot of them. It's a pretty ambitious film to say the least. 

Now the question I asked myself before seeing this movie and was killing me for the past week. Where should my expectations lie? Simply look at film for what it is, don't consider it as an Alien prequel and recognise it as a new movie in that universe, so try look past the Alien similarities. And for the love of God don't think they're going to answer every question in one movie! That would make for a baaaaad movie, just saying folks. 

Hope you guys enjoy the movie when it gets released in wherever you live, it's pretty fucking awesome. 

We'll be back Bl4rGing soon kk bye

P.S. Fassbender is amazing! I'm dressing up as David for Halloween...........or just for fun.


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