Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rick Remender Finishes Up Venom With #22

Sadly it's true. After twenty two awesome issues of Flash Thompson gracing his presence in the alien symbiote the leading writer that started it all is leaving the solo series to grace his presence in more upcoming Marvel series. Rick Remender will finish his work on Venom in issue 22 where Flash will take on his arch nemesis Jack O' Lantern, which Remender had worked hard on to achieve these two as nemesis, its nice to see he'll be finishing something he's worked so hard on. Remender has achieved a lot on his run of Venom, first one being that Venom is finally cool again. Yea the only time I can remember Venom being awesome was in the hands of Todd McFarlane who takes credit for creating the beast. Then there that weird spell of Eddie Brock becoming the good guy in Maximum Carnage and we all know that pretty much screwed up the character. It lead to a lot of downfalls for the symbiote one being years later when Venom was sold in a super villain auction.....yea, I know (terrible!). But just when you thought it couldn't get any lower.....well it did. Mac Gargan or Scorpion I think bought the suit for 100 million and later became both Scorpion and Venom, which sucked ten folds. So that brings us up to about Flash Thompson gaining the Venom symbiote from the US government as part of a covert black ops experiment which actually makes sense (finally!).

Ever since Flash became Agent Venom I couldn't help but describe this new Venom as 'Spider-Man with guns!'. It fits perfectly, he moves and kinda acts like Spider-Man (considering Flash is Spider-Man's biggest fan) but has a darker costume and has the balls to use a gun. Awesome is one word to describe him and the fact that he is a war vet ad's to his characteristics which has led to some interesting moments in his story. Such as that goofy Circle of Four story arc where Hell took over Las Vegas, best way to describe that would be 90's-esque storytelling (nothing wrong with that), and General Ross became part of that roster of heroes. Either way the interactions between the general and this AWOL soldier was just awesome, the conversation dialogue between the two just fitted together so nicely you couldn't help but compliment the writers. 
Small little moments like these is something I really hope that does not disappear from Venom and I'm hoping Cullen Bunn (the new writer) leads by that example. 

There is too many moments in Venom that I will cherish in the series in total like when Jack O' Lantern and Flash took a road trip to Las Vegas. Awesome conversations and happenings ensued; 
Anyway, it will be interesting where Venom will go with Cullen Bunn and I'm looking forward to what he does with the series. I just hope the fucker doesn't screw it up. Cheers Remender for finally making Venom fucking awesome again!


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