Friday, August 24, 2012

RIP This Console Generation

They're all sequels!?!
I don't know why it took me two years to fucking realise this because I probably had some mad delusion that someone, I don't know would actually make another innovative game that would blow my socks off. The last time I experienced that innovative experience was Borderlands in 2009 when all those people thought it was going to be shit and continued to hype up about Modern Warfare 2, like most wankers do. Well I took satisfaction in that they were wrong and that the game became very successful both critically and in sales. You see what most "analysts" missed is that gamers were beginning to become hungry for something more innovative since there last fix in 2007. Sadly today there are no innovative titles this fall. 

So that got me thinking, what has been interestingly different from the bollox that has been copying Modern Warfare 2 and therefore narrowing the selection of games? Well nothing great, and by that I mean nothing that got an average score of 8 or 9 by critics. I mean Metro 2033 was a pretty cool game that came out of the Ukraine and that was ultimately different but it wasn't great. So then I looked towards the only thing that could probably revive the innovation and have less of the focus on the constant stream of fucking sequels. And that was E3 2010, the last bastion of hope for this generation of console gaming, and my god was it awful. Both Microsoft and Sony's press conferences consisted of "motion gaming" with cameras and well, moving....and all of it didn't involve a couch! It was awkward to watch and it looked even more awkward to play and Microsoft thought it would be "fucking dope" to bring out little kids and play kiddies games. But that's nothing compared to Tim Schafer coming out at the Microsoft press conference and revealing the Sesame Street Kinect game. It was the biggest betrayal since Mufasa was betrayed by his own brother Scar in the Lion King. That moment still sends shivers down my spine. Anyway the whole press conference was the gaming apocalypse! 

Gamers reaction everywhere of E3 2010
But for some reason looking at my reaction in hindsight to this mess was that I could always wait until next year. Well two E3's later and no fucking change, except now its appropriate to put singers on the stage now. The sad thing about this years E3 was that the highlights were all fucking sequels and nothing new looked remotely interesting except one press conference which was Ubisofts. Yes the dark horses came striding in to reveal a NEW INNOVATIVE TITLE!! OMFG! Which was obviously Watchdogs. And it was awesome! Everyone was talking about it, and everyone wanted to know when that glorious fucker was coming out. And it was the sole reason Ubisoft won E3! Everyone was starving for something new and innovative and we caught a tiny glimpse of it and everyone went crazy! That ultimately tells me why this console generation is over, done, finished. Because all they're doing now is stalling with sequels and prequels to squeeze that last drop of cash from people who aren't sick of it yet. And that is unfortunately the best business model for publishers in this shit storm of an economic climate. 

What drove me over the edge? Just reading this article that gave the top 5 anticipated games of this fall. In case you didn't notice they're all sequels. Anyway Ill continue to buy the sequels since that's where all the money is going, some of them has to be good.


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