Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Why Do Americans Watch Propaganda in the Movie Theatres?!?

Great more bollox...
Another election year, another president running for his second term and another biased documentary leaning towards the opposite way of the current president you may as well cut off the leg of wherever they wish to lean. For this year it's right. Yea I really don't know who comes up with this shit or who finally gives the say on whether these documentaries get produced or not but one thing is clear, they're immensely fucking biased no matter how informative they are.  

Just look back eight years ago when Michael Moore set out to destroy George Bush with Fahrenheit 9/11, once again made and produced during that election year where George Bush fought for his second term in office. Did it affect the election? Nope, and I highly doubt this will either. You see these documentaries always appear informative and draw mad opinionated conclusions that for all you know may be a fact. But it may not be, you see watching Fahrenheit 9/11 you will draw a conclusion that George Bush is the devil and we must stop him and his quest for middle eastern oil. All that information you have consumed may again be in doubt when you see the likes of Christopher Hitchens (may he RIP) go on the news and say that all that information was complete bullshit. So then it becomes a pissing war where everyone is shouting random "facts" at each other to try and convince voters and it becomes almost impossible to find the real information because the biased media cant decide on how flip the "facts". 

What is outstanding though is the fact that some people cant decide whether it is biased or not. I mean really? The trailer to this garbage has first of all dramatic weird ass middle eastern music and images of revolts across the world portraying an apocalyptic setting. Plus it paints the fact that anti-colonialism is a bad thing and that America is the only country to spread liberty. As a non-American I find that slightly offensive, just saying. As well as that I don't know how exactly you Americans see anti-colonialism, but it's kind of a good thing throughout history. Take King Leopold II and his conquest of the Congo, his rule of the Congo resulted in the death of about 10 million natives. And your shocked that the president of the United States is anti-colonialism? Considering that the president is half-black and his roots are tied to Africa....obviously. Just saying....

I mean it doesn't take a fucking genius to find out about the presidents life. There has been many books on the presidents life and from what I heard they're are boring as fuck, the only difference is most legitimate biographers aren't biased. But that isn't what shocks me, what truly shocks me is that a lot of Americans are taking the effort to run off to the nearest cinema showing this movie and paying money. When you can easily watch biased piece of crap information on the news you just have to take your pick; MSNBC or Fox News.  And guess what? It's totally free....kinda. 

I see this is gonna be a trend every eight years in America, at least make them entertaining. Fahrenheit 9/11 was at the very least funny, this Indian dude doesn't look remotely funny, just saying. Give me your thoughts on this bollox. 


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