Monday, May 25, 2009

Dan In Real Life

One family comedy anyone can enjoy.Dan In Real Life is about a man named Dan(Steve Carrel) who writes a column about helping with peoples problems,he has 3 daughters around the age of 10,15 and 17 and is barely copeing with raiseing them on his own,his wife however dies due to sickness un-described.The family takes a trip to Dan parents home where he meets with his relatives and brothers,being at the home Dan on the second day being at the home goes to the book store and meets a beautiful woman named Marie(Juliette Binoche) eventualy the two talk and seem to be enjoying each others company.However there nice conversation is ruined when Marie gets a call from her boyfriend.Dan returns home talking to his brothers about the nice time he had with Marie but things change when Dan finds out that one of his brothers Mitch(Dane Cook) is Maries boyfriend.

The film have a rich storyline to it and is quite new there really isint any cliche about it and its quite funny,my favorite scenes is when Dan finds his 15 year old daughter kissing her boyfriend who came from New Jersey just to see her,Ciara trys too calm her father down by saying there realationship isint ready to have sex yet which she thinks this would calm Dan down and also asking if her boyfriend can stay,Dan gets one of his brother to drive Ciaras boyfriend to his grandparents house and Ciara runs after the car crying and shouts back to her father "YOU ARE A MUDERER OF LOVE!",the scene is my favorite through the whole film and the way she said it was hillarious.There were two things I would have changed in the film the scenes where Steve Carell is doing some of his stupidness I would change,he does well throughout the film but his pathec idiotic comedy is anoying and it only works in The 40 Year Old Virgin.The ending wasnt the best the whole idea of ending suddenly was something I defeintly didnt like it should of had at least one cliche speech at the end for woman to enjoy.

Overall I very much enjoyed the film and is defiant watch to me 


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