Saturday, May 9, 2009

Star Trek The Movie (2009) - The Trekkies and The Normals

 Star Trek is the popular nerdy series from the 70’s and 80’s I think and by that statement you have noticed that I am not a Trekkie. Ok glad we got that out in the open so I’m going to talk about the difference from the original series and this huge blockbuster film and of course the film itself.
I honestly don’t know much about the Star Trek series, never knew who actors were, never knew the storyline I avoided it so much its unbelievable, sometimes I wouldn’t even know what Clingong if that’s how you spell it was, my friends always had to tell me what the hell it was, so by that statement you can tell I probably hated it. True. So I may not know what the series meaning was to many fans I will never understand it but I do have knowledge of a favourite film, series, book being done into Hollywood stuff. My father strongly believe that classics should always remain as they are, in some sense I agree with him but the problem with that is, what if it was sort of made for master effects and good actors and amazing settings? Will it then be ok?
A lot of Star Trek fans look at the advertisement and just say “This is going to be Shit” I hate when people do that, they criticise something they haven’t seen yet. I’m basically saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” that’s what you should reply to any stupid comments about the film, because the film was absolutely outstanding!
Apparently the movie doesn’t capture the feeling of Star Trek, fair enough; I haven’t got a clue what the feeling is and I don’t want to know. However I am going to take a guess for many fans I am guessing the meaning would be something to do with the subtitles for the Clingong language and the new special effects that have been added, but lets face it the series was terrible effects with overweight men beating a man in a Godzilla suit, when I saw that clip i thought it was a joke, ok fair enough it was a long time ago and everything wasn’t great, But I thought Star Trek fans would love the fact that everything is polished and written, directed and performed by better people.
But no they didn’t like it. I honestly think that the fans are doing this to be separated from the rest of the world, but no they are stubborn and they choose not to like it because non-Trekkie fans actually like it. For people who are actually like that, seriously get a life!

 Ok J.J Abrahams is the J.R.R Tolkien of films, if he could turn something so old and dusty from the shelves and make it colourful then I would defiantly buy him a drink he likes in a bar. The film is going to be known for its wonderful special effects and powerful storyline, oh and the character selection when I saw them at first I couldn’t actually believe it, they were so, well bad, Simon Pegg was the only character I would have kind of recognised and like, but they all seemed to fit there parts wonderfully and they actually understand the characters they were playing perfectly, the doubts I had about the film was the actors and how they would fit there characters and they topped it wonderfully.
The special effects were amazing you must see this is the actual cinema to understand and get the full effect of the audio and explosions etc. I would say that the special effects where the best I have ever seen, and it defiantly must have taken at least 9 months too get it all done, and I would be very surprise if they didn’t get an Oscar for best editing.
The storyline was very powerful, it wasn’t everything a trekkie would ask for the films bad guy which name I can’t remember was not very big in the series; however they put him in the movie and it worked quite well for me anyway but if he wasn’t a very serious bad guy I wonder what they will put in the sequel(if they make one that is).The main characters from the series all have there moments in the film and there really good moments which drives you to want more.
Overall Star Trek gets 4.5/5


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