Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lord Of The Rings Online Review

Me being quite a big fan of The Lord Of The Rings enterprise I thought why the hell not try out the game for 10 days,so I did :) The game Itself is alot like WoW the layout I mean is alot like WoW so no arugeing on that,the game is similar and sometimes it doesnt really feel like your playing LOTR and thinking your playing WoW.You see the funny thing is I dont like WoW that much I thought it was good but you really needed alot of time to play it so I didnt really enjoy that,In LOTR each race you play as has an awsome intro the elves are under siege and if your a man you get captured and must save some hobbits in each your able to at least see a Nazgul,Elrond or a Snow Troll and that makes you play even more as you continue into the game.
The game is an MMO/RPG so there isint much to explain other than that you go around doing quests and kill beasts pretty simple,so this game is cliche but its much more fun than WoW in my taste and I have read the books and I have seen the movie more than 100 times.....each :P
So possibly this might be the reason why I like it so much,the quests are pretty sweet where you start off in one day I got to lvl 6 and manage to get full body armour so I was happy with that achievement.


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