Friday, May 29, 2009

Horror Insanity!!!The Mist and Drag Me To Hell Review

Last week Sky Premiere released the Stephen King novel/into film The Mist.Although it sounds like another fail in the latest King books into films,this one acctually does quite a good job,acctually a real good job.The Mist is about a middle aged man named David Drayton(Thomas Jane) and his son(Nathan Gamble) and wife his Sally(Alexa Davalos).The family survive a freak storm on there house beside the neighbourhood lake,as they view the reckage they relise there garage is completely destroyed by the neighbours tree(Andre Braugher),as he was leaving for the store they witness some huge mist coming from the mountains,unaware of the dangers David,his son and there neighbours proceed to the store.As they where driving they witness huge US guard troops moving towards the lake as they get to the store the electricity was all down,as David was proceeding with his shoping they see Dan Miller runing away from the direction of the lake with huge amounts of blood on his shirt.
He ran in to the shopping market to take cover from The Mist that is overcoming the atmosphere,Dan Miller repeats the death of his friend who go suck into the mist and got eaten by something,as he tells the story one man runs out into the mist to go to the car,as he was doing so some giant monster takes the man and eats him.The story advances from there where many of the customers are hideing in the mall for cover from the monsters.
This film is quite the definition of a decent horror film maybe to alot of people a really good horror film,it has nearly everything gore,jumps and tension,in many ways it satisfys anyone who wants to sit down and watch a practical horror film,and that is what the film is,practical,everyone is making very odd horror films trying to mix things up in the most unusual way that it isint even near scary,it even lacks jumps and tension which is the most basic feeling and excitment you should be geting in any horror film.The Mist is a thrill ride for everyone to enjoy and it may be the only good film the Stephen Books will ever get.

The pratical film makes it even more enjoyable


The Raimi brothers are back.Sam Raimi and Ivan Raimi team up to do yet another classic horror film and this is pretty fucked up (excuse my french),it has both a mixture of Horror(like acctually scary horror) and Comedy(Like seriously funny shit).Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) has everything a great job on the verge of promotion,a great boyfriend and a great home,but in three days she is going to be Draged To Hell.Christine works as a loan officer who,like everyone else,wants a promotion,she is up against a co-worker Stu Rubin(Reggie Lee) who is a very tough man who very rarely gives loans,her boss claims he is much more tougher and would most likely get the promotion.So when this strange gypsey named Ms.Ganush wants a 3rd extension on her mortgage,Christene gets advice from her boss who says it is her call on this one,so to impress her boss Christene tells Ms.Ganush that they cannot give her the extension,Ms.Ganush pleads to have the extention on her home and eventually leads to the fight scene in the car to the curse Ms.Ganush gave Christine.She then finds out that the curse is very real and she needs to go through serious consequences to get rid of it.
Charecter development just does not appear in the film,which is quite a relief,it is 99 minutes of on-stop comedy and tension.It is a really funny turn of events,I honestly thought that this film is going to scare the living daylight out of me but suprisingly it did that and made it hillarious at the same time,I wont give alot away but the scene where Christine is lying in bed and wakes up because of the strange noises and goes to lie back down again and the ugly and corpse looking Ms.Ganush is lying right beside her,which then leads to Ms.Ganush sreaming insanely on top of Christine,but then Ms.Ganush vomits loads of maggots right on top of Christine.The whole thing was hillarious I just do not know why the Raimi Brothers thought it was necessary to do that,but I was glad they did because I just couldnt stop laughing and believe me that was not the last hillarious part in the whole film.The effect of the film on a viewer is incredible and the Raimi Brother captures it perfectly,they build the tension up with the albaret music and the very still scene and then hits you with the most bizarre turn of events that is too funny,although by itself its not that funny but the way the tension is builded up and hits you with the bizarre comedy makes it very funny.

The film Is geniously done and gets a well deserved mark from just about everyone including myself.


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