Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Don't have Angry Birds and have Google Chrome? Well guess what... YOU DO NOW!

Angry Birds, the smash hit title on the Ipod touch, Iphone, Ipad, PSP etc. is now on Google Chrome. For what price I hear you ask? Free, Zilch, Zip, Zero, 何.
All that you need is the web browser Google Chrome, which is by far, in my humble opinion, the best browser there is. The Download link is Below:


Zombie said...

Thank you so much!! I will be playing this for days!!

Blake said...

nice, will give this a try. Its on the PSN (when it was working) but 4 bucks seemed a little steep when you can get it almost everywhere else for cheaper.

Kelli said...

Good, cuz my Android phone can't seem to handle it.

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