Friday, May 13, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Announced With Concept Art and Impressions UPDATE: 4 NEW TRAILERS!!

Yep, its back folks the series that made the biggest game of mankind is once again hitting shelves on November 8, 2011. And if you had any game that you felt was going to be a top seller this quarter well then you certainly must drop those thoughts. Because MW3, as its called on the cover, will destroy every game on the charts. End of....

Now of course I am not saying this is the best game ever created, I am saying that its the best selling game in the world which is a slight shame. But in fairness it deserves it, and its only the aftermath that we gamers have to endure that truly sucks. I dont know about you, but did anyone notice the god-awful strand of games that tried to copy this? *cough* Medal Of Honor *cough* 

But nonetheless I am liking the sound of this game that will feature missions in New York City, London and Paris, why travel when you can play this game? And they are really war torn check them here: 

So the storyline follows just after Modern Warfare 2 where Soap and Price after killing Shepard are still on the run and meet up with some of Nikolai's Russian loyalists. You you play as a man named Yuri when the focus is laid on Soap and Price. 

You will play as new soldiers on the American side of the battle, Frost and Sandman are two new guys into the game and whether Ramirez will return from Modern Warfare 2 is not yet been confirmed.

You also play as a Russian agent in one of the missions protecting the president of Russia from Makarov. 

Seal team six will also make their appearance in the game but only by voice. They are given a salute by the Infinity Ward team by being heard over the earpieces. 

The game sounds impressive and I like the sound of the crazy battlefields in the massive city's such as New York. Unfortunately nothing is mentioned about multiplayer given its just been announced, it shall be interesting in the next coming months considering we don't have to wait that long. 

Looking forward to this I have to admit, I always liked the Modern Warfare series especially the campaign (yea I know, weird right?). 


rinns said...

I'm sad that I've lost my taste in cod. I probably wont even buy this one, by probably I mean most definitely wont. :(

Adam Timmins said...

Sad to hear, who knows? Maybe you might come around when a trailer is shown.

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