Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thor Movie Review

Well last night I went to see Thor with a friend of mine. I never really cared much for Thor but being a general fan of Marvel I did know of him. This is the first of the big super hero movies released this summer and here's my review of it.

A pic of the Ice Giants

Thor is the about the Norse God of Thunder from the land of Asgard. Thor grew up alongside his brother Loki while being thought the methods of being a good king from his father Odin (or his All father I should say... yes it was a very bad pun). I'm a huge fan of Mythology from Egyptian to Greek and of course the Norse so this did seem interesting in terms of a film. When it comes to Thors ascension day to become the new All Father, an unexpected attack from the Ice Giants happens as they try and steal the Cradle the source of their power. However Odin saves the day with the flick of a wrist and this doesn't go down well with Thor that his big day was ruined. So with the help of his friends and his brother Loki he invaded the Ice Giant stronghold of Jotenheim. Thor moves to attack them, throwing his hammer, Mjolnir, into the face of anyone who came near but was soon pushed back to the edges of a cliff. However at the last second Odin saves him but for starting a new war with the Ice Giants Thor is exiled to Earth and had Mjolnir removed until it found him worthy. Well that's enough spoilers.
Loki who is played by Tom Hiddleston

This movie really set up the Avengers movie for next year. Agent Coulson from the Iron Man movies returns along with Nick Fury and more. The cast personally for me, I had heard of barely any of them before but they did deliver. The 3D in this movie was spectacular, nothing is cooler than seeing an Ice Giants head explode in slo-mo as a big-ass hammer flies through it's head towards you. I loved all the Norse references e.g. Folstag (Who funnily enough was an Ice Giant himself in traditional mythology), The Einerjhar was awesome too and the special effects that was done for him. The realm of Asgard too was a mind fuck. Sailing through an epic golden city in 3D was even better than the Hallelujiah mountains in Avatar, no joke.
A pic of Odins throne in Asgard

The script was brilliant. The writers managed to deliver an amazing action script with a comedic twist which couldn't have been done without the amazing actors performances especially by Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Anthony Hopkins (Odin). I loved all the little Viking references e.g. The scene in the coffee shop. There was also an amazing original sound track. This is one that i'm definitely going to buy.

Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Natalie Portman (Jane)

But the question is, how does it stand against the original Marvel movies? Hulk movie (well who could call that a movie) Fantastic 4, Spiderman, Iron Man, X-Men and such. I think it's up at the top with the big boys. It's all a matter of opinion as to what it could be equal to, greater or less than but for me it's possibly the best or it could be tied with Iron Man, i'm still not sure. It'd definitly been the best movie I've seen so far this year and i've seen a few e.g Tron, Jackass 3D, Rango. What did I like/Dislike about this;
I liked ;
  1. The great witty script
  2. All the actors performances
  3. Nordic references (especially Eihnerjar)
  4. The music
  5. The 3D and Special Effects
What I disliked :
  1. Nothing, nothing at all...
This movie was near epic and has got me seriously excited about the Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avenger movie, One big ass super sequel of Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America etc.

This gets 5 stars, 10/10, two thumbs up, 100%.
I just can't find any flaws and have been looking for them but I enjoyed every second. If I didn't convince you to see this, check out this trailer:


Zombie said...

Cant wait to see THOR!!

Major.Mack said...

Nice review. This one will definitely blast out the home system

Jozzy said...

oh i didn't realize it was this good. i might just go see it.

DTG Reviews said...

This film was amazing; particularly the sceneries in Asgard were breathtaking. The film began to haul a bit when Thor was expelled to Earth-those parts of the film were less interesting, but other than that THOR was a really wonderful film.

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