Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Metro Last Light Announced The Sequel to Metro 2033! Video + Screenshots

One of my favourite - first person shooter/survival horror/some RPG elements/post apocalyptic/Russian- video game of 2010, Metro 2033, is getting a sequel called Metro: Last Light. Bet you cant find those features on the box of your typical FPS's! 

Sounds bizarre but yet the game works, or at least some of it works. You see the game had some rough edges throughout the game mainly due to its clunky shooting mechanics and its wonky as fuck AI. It was a pretty linear game that followed the journey of Artyom. A young man that is immune to the power of the Dark Ones, radioactive mutants.

To some people it surprisingly got a Metacritic score of 77, which is a pretty fair score in my opinion. Personally I loved the game it was dark, gritty and was haunting from start to finish. The only question I have about the single player is which ending Last Light will take up from 2033. I'm not going to spoil it for y'all, but there pretty different from each other. 


Its also been confirmed that Last Light has multiplayer nothing has been specified as of yet, but we'll see by E3 this year about any details. 

Here's me looking forward to this at E3, expect me to cover this over the course of the expo and others also!


Major.Mack said...

This game looks cool

Jozzy said...


Blake said...

never tried it...but it does seem interesting.

Adam Timmins said...

THQ called it a flawed masterpiece and aims to improve on all the flaws I mentioned. Should make for interesting game.

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