Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bulletstorm Is Expected To Sell As Well As Gears Of War 3?

Well EA have a lot in store for us over the coming months with Medal Of Honor making its October release and Battlefield Bad Company Vietnam hitting a "winter" release date, not to forget Dead Space 2 making a 2011 and  lastly Bulletstorm. Im not saying Bulletstorm is being forgetten about but it is getting overshadowed by EA's other titles that is solely there's, which is a bit sad to be honest.
In a recent Eurogamer interview with David DeMartini, the head of EA's partner program, said that he expect Bulletstorm sales to be "very like Gears" at the retailers.

"It's (a) new IP, so let's hang that around its shoulders if you will. But it's a great game," DeMartini explained. "Let's not call it Call of Duty or Medal of Honor massive, where I'm thinking Call of Duty maybe 15 million units, Medal of Honor maybe seven. It could be very much like Gears."
I guess you do have to take into consideration that Bulletstorm is a multi platform game but even still thats a big reach from the cookie jar. Im not implying Bulletstorm wont get there, but not felling ya.
I  hope EA become better partners with People Can Fly.


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