Monday, September 20, 2010

CL4P-TP Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Is Taking Over The Toy Industry!

Believe it or not people hes coming, with a revolution on his hands and a new talking statue CL4P-TP has been a busy robot. Ever since Borderlands was released people have been begging for a Claptrap statue in some shape or form so people where obviously excited to see NECA showing it off at its booth at Comic Con.

A hilarious interview was taken about his role as an action figure and the success Borderlands has had over the the past couple of months. 

FIGURES.COM: Borderlands turned you into an overnight sensation. How are you handling the new-found fame? 

Ha! Seriously, who told you to ask me about this? Heheh... man, this really takes me back:

1984. Stylin' in my red Bugle Boy parachute pants and high-top Kaepa tires. It was there on the set when Ice-T and I first met. He showed me some smoove pop 'n lock moves and I dem'd him how to throw down some friggity-fresh rhymes. Back then we were both tryin' to fake it till we'd make it. Well he got his big break with that movie and I ended up makin' it all the way to the cutting room floor. But don't feel bad for Ice, I hear he's doin' a'ight these days... and playin' Borderlands. Fo' realz, yo*.

Speaking of articulation, toy company NECA is producing a Claptrap action figure. What's the best part about having your own collectible?

You mean besides having a constant reminder of just how ridiculously good-looking I am?! Is it terrible that I want to make out with NECA's prototype? Hey I’m not talking about sex here... maybe just some dry humping. But seriously folks, it looks *that*good.

The other great thing will be leaving it on night stands as I ready up to sneak out the door...

Other than the two obvious reasons I just stated, it'll be nice that all my fans will be able to have me on their shelf staring back at them as they play the game. We're through the looking glass, people!!

We're told that the Claptrap action figure even talks! Can fans expect to hear any of your def beatboxing?

Who am I to refuse the wants and desires of my adoring fans? Never in a thousand years could I be that cruel!! But alas, it will be nigh-impossible to include ALL my best lines because there are just too many to choose from. So, I guess I am despicable after all... cruel because there's only so much I can give.

You've been shot and brutally beat - multiple times - by bandit thugs in Borderlands. Does the thought of kids playing rough with your action figure bother you?

Yes, in the game I get beaten by bandit thugs and midgets. And midgets are just shorter, cuter versions of kids, am I right? So don't worry, children, you can't cause any harm unless you put me in your mouth and choke on it. Since we're on the topic, all the pretty ladies should know I'm required by law to have a Choking Hazard warning on my "package". I'm just sayin'...

You have a hit game and an action figure on the way. What's next for Claptrap? Borderlands the musical?

Oh, I've been fielding various offers, as they've been pouring in, but everything in front of me seems like typecasting - mechanical buddy, robot sidekick, homicidal cyborg - I've got so much more to offer! I've got range*! I'm even thinking of doing a little off-Broadway for a few weeks... word is Wicked needs a new Tin Man. But all that is secondary to the next game,Borderlands II: The Legend of Claptrap's Gold. At least that's what I'm calling it for now.

Claptrap shall be hitting stores roughly in October for around $20. Never heard of pre ordering an action figure but since its a video game character, why not?  
Hans Landa seems a bit too that a ukulele?......


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