Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fallout New Vegas Opening Cutscene Revealed (SPOILER Alert!!)

From a helpful friend on Facebook I got to see the Introduction of Fallout New Vegas and thanks to the guys at No Mutants Allowed I was provided a download link in which I share with you guys.
This video shows how and who shot the main protagonist (You) in the head leaving you dead in the ditch. The man in the swanky suit (swanky?) is Benny voiced by Matthew Perry who also makes a dashing appearance in the graphic novel All Roads.
By the way, the one month later part is purely edited. 

In other news Obsidian have released screenshots of the list of companions that could end up following you in New Vegas. They all have different perks and abilities that make it somewhat easier for you to venture away into the Mojave Wasteland, these are much different than Fawkes. 

See more on Kotaku!


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