Thursday, September 30, 2010

Carnage Returns!

I have been longing for Carnage to return for a long time now in the Spider-Man comics but I guess its better that he, I mean she, is getting her own five part mini series, that's right folks the new Carnage is a woman. 
This news is a bit of a shock since it was announced at SDCC last July. Exciting for some of the new Spidey fans but not for the long term fans, ever since Carnage was announced he was heavily criticised because of his disruption to Venoms golden years and has left a stain on Venoms reputation by causing him to become a softer character. Not only did Carnage apparently ruin what Venom had going for him he also was seen as a marketing tool due to the popularity of the symbiote, which was in my opinion milked up by Marvel. Im really looking forward to these couple of issues and hope there somewhat similar to the Anti Venom series, which I really enjoyed, what gives me some comfort is that Zebb Wells the writer of Anti Venom is also working on Carnage.

The special guests in this comic is obviously Spider-man who is accompanied by Iron Man.

I can honestly say im looking forward to these five part issues coming this month and is sure to at least check out just to see how new Carnage is getting on, I will admit that I think Carnage is going to be great as a woman the way Carnage strides along with evil in its eyes is something that goes well with woman :P


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