Monday, September 27, 2010

Kotick Is Insulting EA.....Again?

Its crazy the amount of news goes on around this guy he just doesnt shut up. Though in fairness to him he does own a 3 billion dollar company that are now the bad guys of gaming.
Kotick lately in an interview states that EA just dont have the moxy for the gaming industry hes goes to say that....

"The core principle of how we run the company is the exact opposite of EA," Kotick said. "EA will buy a developer and then it will become 'EA Florida', 'EA Vancouver', 'EA New Jersey', whatever. We always looked and said, 'You know what? What we like about a developer is that they have a culture, they have an independent vision and that's what makes them so successful.' We don't have an Activision anything - it's Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer. 

"That, to me, is one of the unassailable rules of building a publishing company. And in every case except for two, the original founders of the studios are still running the studios today. The only thing that we try to do is to provide a support structure to make them more successful.

"If you do a really good job - and a lot of our studios do - you get to pick what is, in my view, the most difficult thing to pick in the industry: to make original intellectual property." 
He goes on to say that EA are losseing there touch to attract new and innovative people.
"Look, EA has a lot of resources, it's a big company that's been in business for a long time, maybe it'll figure it out eventually. But it's been struggling for a really long time. The most difficult challenge it faces today is: great people don't really want to work there.

"It's like, if you have no other option, you might consider them. They have some… the team that makes Madden is a really great team, it's been able to manage, capture and keep some good people. But we have no shortage of opportunity to recruit out of EA – that's their biggest challenge: its stock options have no value.

"It's lost its way. And until it has success, and hits, and gets that enthusiasm back for the company, it's going to have a struggle getting really talented people, which is going to translate into less-than-great games."
And so the drama continues, well the only thing thats innovated and coming out of EA right now is Bulletstorm other than that its a long line of sequels and them trying to milk the "Modern Warfare" genre of games. Dont know what the hell Bungie are going to do for Activision.......


Blake said...

I've decided awhile ago not to support Activision, I'll buy stuff from EA. Bobby is knob.

Adam Timmins said...

Yea hes a dick alright but I dont think EA are much better.

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