Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dead Space 2 "Lullaby" Trailer - There is too many motherfuckin' Necromorphs, on this motherfuckin' plane!

And thus video games will also face the horrible baggage when a sequel comes barging into your living room, it happens to every medium and sadly the majority of sequels, whether they are books, movies or games, generally suck.

Take for example the Force Unleashed 2, it sucked. When sequels come along it either defines a franchise or ends it and unfortunately for critically successful games such as Dead Space you cant help but get....scared. Sure there are good ones such as BioShock 2 but there never as good as the first, unless James Cameron is working on it, bottom line folks, coming away from this short blog dont get your hopes up for sequels ALL the time you'll only end up getting crushed. Im not saying Dead Space 2 is going to be a complete failure im just saying there is that slight possibility that ANY sequel can easily fail due to either the creators get too confident or either the publishers just felt they need to take a giant shit on it. Just keep thinking of Force Unleashed 2.

This trailer totally sends shivers down your spine however compare this to the twinkle twinkle trailer below and compare the two.

Im getting the feeling Dead Space 2 is more of a psychological feel while Dead Space is just a full blown horror trailer. Your decision folks? 


Shutterbugz said...

I friggin love dead space, what a creepy series

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