Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Final Fantasy 7 Review


Sephiroth: Behold that mural. The Ultimate Destructive Magic... Meteor.

Red XIII: The Promised Land? Isn't that just a legend? / President Shinra: Even so, it's just too appealing to not to pursue.

Aeris: Say, Cloud. Have you ever been a bodyguard? You DO do everything, right? / Cloud: Yeah, that's right. / Aeris: Then, get me out of here.

I'm planning to go on ahead and review my favourite Final Fantasy games for the next while and what better one to go for next than Final Fantasy 7.

Final Fantasy 7, what words spring to mind when I hear that word?; Epic Storyline that has been known to bring grown men to tears,Epic music to insert emotions never before invented into your body, graphics that were revolutionary for the time it was made (For their first time at making 3D characters). When I was very young, about 1-4 years old, I went over to two of my mams friends. It was in these two houses that I was introduced to Console Video Games. Games that would later be considered classics and standard setters for games to come e.g. Croc: Legend of The Gobbos, Ape Escape, Alundra, Crash Bandicoot. However there was one game I could never stop loving. Final Fantasy 7. Sure, at 4 years old I couldn't even kill the 1st boss without requesting help, but that didn't stop me from enjoying it. When I was six I got my PS1. Got Croc with it. However it wasn't long before I demanded Final Fantasy 7.

Now with that brief bit of personal history let's get that review on the road.

As I said, I was six when I got FF7, So after 10 years I think I have enough experience to give it a VERY detailed review.


Anyway this game followers the story of Cloud, an Ex-Member of the Shinra Army branch called "SOLDIER". Cloud is a mercenary hired by a "Terrorist" group known as AVALANCHE. Their goal, to destroy the Mako Reactors (Essentially Nuclear Reactors) which suck out the earths life.
However the story expands as the game expands. It turns from destroying evil reactors to toppling collosal energy giants, persuing the worlds most evil and vindictive man ever to walk the earth, destroying a meteor, failing to destroy said meteor and killing vindictive guy. When put like that it could never capture the true story. It would take me about 5 hours of solid typing (AND BELIEVE I'M VERY FAST AT TYPING) to explain the first 2 hours of the story.

As I mentioned earlier, this story has been known to bring grown men to tears. The moment exactly is this one hear as "Sephiroth" the evilest most vindictive person in the world kills Aeris *Aerith for any Japenese people out there* one of the key characters in the game. This is about 20 hours into the story, if you intend on avoiding all side quests, and this only reaches the end of disc 1!?. Like all of the Final Fantasies that were original on the Ps1, 7,8 and 9, there are multiple discs. 3 in FF7 means a lot if Disc 1 can take up to 30 hours to complete if you go at an average pace.

The graphics today of the characters on the main screen would be expected of the SNES. Well it was their first attempt at 3D characters so I think a round of applause is in order for an amazing first attempt at 3D characters in the field. However your characters in the battles become the character graphics that gave the game it's amazing reputation. And the background graphics? Some ps2 games don't even have graphics like that.

The music was once again created by Nobuo Uematsu. Sure a lot of the songs are .Midi type files. But there were songs that completly ahnialated any game music competition. Primarily a 8 minute operatic ballad that's used in a certain last boss encounter.

I personally find the growth system amazing, Materia was the best way of learning abilities and advancing but for some fucked up reason it failed to make a re-currence in any other Final Fantasy game. The only thing that came minorly close to it was the FF9 system.

I'd like to end this review by telling you this is the BEST video game that has been created. I'm not just some ignorant fan boy saying this. FF7 has won so many awards for greatest game, story etc. that it's impossible to count. FF7 has loads of spin offs, Before Crisis, Dirge of Cereberus, Crisis Core and more!. FF7 Even had a movie made!?. It's without a doubt getting 10 out of 10 from me, 110% and a Better than Chuck Norris badge it's that amazing.


Kelli said...

Final Fantasy 7 was a great game. I also own the soundtrack and my favorite song is J-E-N-O-V-A for some odd reason. I also liked breeding chocobos for the race. I can't even add up how much time I spent tryna get a black chocobo but when i did i was whooping everybody.

S said...

i very much enjoy the FF series.

Great blog, following

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