Monday, November 1, 2010

Final Fantasy IX review.

Garnet: I am actually... Princess Garnet Til Alexandros, heir to the throne of Alexandria. I have a favor I wish to ask of you... I wish to be kidnapped...right away.

Well as it's Final Fantasy 9s 10th birthday in 14 days (As far as the English version is concerned) and seeing as a friend of mine was kind enough to let me download it onto my PS3 and i've made it to the point just before disc 3, I felt it needed a review. So with the first review for a ps1 game, here I go. I would however ask people to bear in mind that this game is from the year of Y2K so I shan't be comparing it to the games of today (Even though it surpasses most of them). Anyway on with the show.

To start things off, this game was made as a tribute to the original Final Fantasies where there things such as White, Black and Red Mages instead of the usual Healer, Synergist/Booster and Attack magic user. Back when various critters roamed cities, where Moogles were common-place and not just an awful easter egg hidden deep within the bowels of the games and sometimes not even getting a single second of mention.

This game takes place in the land of "Gaia". Primarily the for the first and up until midway through the second half of the 2nd disc, (YES GAMES WERE ACTUALLY LONGER THAN 6 HOURS AND SOMETIMES COULDN'T EVEN FIT ON ONE DISC THEY WERE THAT BIG!, MAKES ME WONDER WHERE THE LOVE HAS GONE) on the Mist Continent of Gaia, Then branches out into the other 4 continents in the land.

The story features a colourful cast of characters, each with their own notable details, quirks and habbits. The creators of this game introduce you to, explain to you, make you respect/love/hate them. This is something that's rarely put into characters. It took them 3 games to really introduce us to Kratos in God Of War. It took Squaresoft (As it was known at the time) 1 hour to introduce us to the 3 primary characters (Garnet, Zidane and Vivi) to learn about them as much as we did about out over muscled Spartan friend Kratos.

The musical score and graphics were amazing in this game, with it being on a ps1. Final Fantasy 9 retains better graphics then most ps2 games today on the ingame graphics alone (NOT CUTSCENES). Very little games on Ps1 can barely even catch up with these games that were made by Squaresoft. I personally can't think of a non-squaresoft game that's like this

Overall this game is getting a 10/10 from me


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