Sunday, November 14, 2010

L.A. Noire Debut Trailer - I Shitted Myself Twice!

I have been anticipating this highly since its announcement back in 2004 and nothing is going to stop me believing that this is going to be game of the year 2011!

This game looks orgasmic. Since I am madly in love with the retro scene games have approached in recent years such as BioShock and Fallout it's nice to see a game that comes along and just puts you in 1940's/ 50's Los Angeles, especially when its made by Rockstar games.

I quote Ken Levine when he says that video games are "...the ultimate time machine" of course he is commenting on Red Dead Redemption's (one of Rockstars greatest games) extraordinary environment and its massive achievements being possibly the most immersive game of this year so its great to hear that a complicated game such L.A. Noire is in great hands along with the help of Brendan McNamara (The Getaway) and his studio Team Bondi.

One film that keeps coming into my head every time I think of L.A. Noire would be the classic LA Confidential one of my favourite films, its quite similar to Noire where its based on three detectives during 1950's of corrupt Los Angeles whats not to like? Great movie really recommend watching this to get a nice feel of what you may expect in Spring 2011.


The game is entirely about being a detective (derp) so your judgement on each character is based entirely on there looks and there speech right? Exactly, this trailer clearly shows the facial animations of each character to be revolutionary. The trailer clearly focuses on the Noire setting and how the art, surrounding and music will be alot like a Noire movie itself and the acting also looks like a mixture of Noire and modern acting, but the best addition of this trailer is some of the voice acting from Aaron Staton from the television show Mad Men its something about his voice that just rings of 40's America.

Im hoping LA Noire's marketing strategy is similar to Red Dead Redemptions where they go video by video of all the features of the game because that certainly worked for Red Dead Redemption.


S said...

haha nice trailer comparison

Adam Timmins said...

Cheers dude :)

Major.Mack said...


Suciô Sanchez said...

Can you imagine working on a game for 7 years?

Adam Timmins said...

Yea the game better be fucking good xD

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