Wednesday, March 30, 2011

All New Year, All New Venom

Now, readers, I know we here at GameBl4rg haven't talked about comics for some time, but what better time to start again than with the unveiling(or unleashing) of the next Venom...

Flash Thompson, high school bully and Spidey fanboy turned American war hero, has been an integral in the Marvel family for years, changing constantly. But now he has been given a new lease of life. Declared a hero for his actions in Iraq, saving his squad even after losing the use of his legs, Flash was recommended fo a very special project. Rebirth2.0 to be precise. Flash has been made the latest host for the alien symbiote venom by the U.S. government and is immediately kitted out and dropped (literally) into Nrosvekistan to kick some ass. This is where we first see this new Venom in action, as he makes his way through the warzone, killin' fools and eating grenades, nothing getting in his way. Well, At least until this happy chappy shows up.

Jack O'Lantern is Thompson's first real challenge, well if you could call it that. you see, after a brief scuffle, Flash loses control of Venom and 'feeds' Jack the aforementioned grenade. I know, awesome.But its not all good for Flash though, as he realizes when he is purged of Venom and returns to his wheelchair. His partner Betty thinks he has gone back to alcohol and confronts him in tears leaving him roaming the darkened streets, reflecting. This combination of pure awesomeness and Flash's dramatic life, definitely make this new Venom one to follow and I hope you'll join me in doing so.  


Blake said...

So he has a gun now? Does he still have conflicting issues with being good or bad?..bah, its been over 17 years since I last read a venom comic, this just blows my mind.

Adam Timmins said...

He is being used as kinda like a mech suit, they put him in Thompson and then unleash him but they have a time limit until the symbiote fully bonds with him.
Have to admit it makes quite an intriguing storyline.

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