Monday, March 14, 2011

Pokémon Black and White... Why I amn't getting it...

Pokémon, A series that has been close to the hearts of millions worldwide and a staple game of the gaming industry and a game that's been especially close to my heart... Until now.

Pokémon Blue was the very first video game I ever owned, on my first handheld and general console, the Gameboy Colour (That and Rugrats the Movie the game). To this day I can remember getting my Charmander, training it into a Charizard because I got stuck on Misty, Catching Mewtwo and trying to find Mew somewhere on the map. I became the Pokémon fan we all were as a child, I collected cards, Trading and Battle, I watched the episodes and can even remember going to see the first menu ( and because it was opening day I got a limited edition card (DRAGONITE FTW!?))
Pokémon Yellow came next, Sameish game except with all 3 starters and with a stalking Pikachu. I obviously enjoyed this more but yet always felt perplexed as to why Blastoise never fired rockets from his cannons. The game generation advanced with better colour introduced. Yet again I loved the saga as it moved into the Johto region. This was where I began to fade away, I stopped getting up at 9 to see what antics the crew would get up to, I stopped buying the cards and faded away almost all together apart from still adoring the video games.

Nothing was better to me at this time than owning a Tyranitar, Celebi, Gyrados, Suicune, Steelix and Dragonite, My own personal dream team. Then Dawned the age of the gameboy advance. That Christmas I got my own black one and got me a Lord Of The Rings Two Towers game with it.
It wasn't long until Pokémon Ruby and Saphire out. I was usually late to the party in terms of video games but this time I was glad. Trying my friends ones out was like I was hit by a truck of fail. It looked like an autistic Mike Tyson drew them with his nose. The map wasn't pleasent looking and each Pokémon after another just looked Uglyer and Uglyer. So I said Adios Pokémon, Hello Ps2 and Ratchet And Clank.
It wasn't until I was 14/15, almost 6 years later, That I ever thought about Pokémon again. I remebered all the good times on it and it wasn't long until I downloaded an Emulator and Pokémon Yellow and Crystal Rom. The reason why?, Well we were minding a child while his parents were at work and who had a DS who complained about boring games. I suggested Pokémon and he said he had never heard of it. I was frankly shocked as that's like someone saying who the hell is John Lennon ( Please tell me you fucking heard of him...)

And yet again I was suckered into the world of "Gotta Catch 'em all!" I loved it and one day while I was down at my local Video store looking for a DVD/Game for a friends birthday, I noticed a very cheap Pokémon Pearl. €15 and I was sure going to buy it especially after all the nice screenshots they had on the back and for the first time in 5/6 years since the release of Ruby and Saphire, Cool looking Pokémon. After my friends party I took it home and cranked up the DS. I was home again, but in fancyer graphics, I downloaded Diamond onto my Flash Card and Platinum when it came out. At the end of my playthrough of Platinum I realised something. Something I didn't notice 'till then...

Every Pokémon game... is the fucking exact same. Sure there's new Pokémon and there's worlds and battles, but the base is the same with each generation bringing in a 100-150 new Pokémon. I mean come the fuck on! Now there's 650! What the fuck demented child would do that and not live with their mother for the rest of their life. Sure like Spiderman they re-booted the series so now you must trade those Pokémon over from Heart Gold and Soul Silver ( My last Pokémon game and rightly so as it only highlighted the point).

See my point?, A decade later and only colour introduced?
Pokémon black and white is the same fucking sprite ass graphics i'd expect to see on a fucking game boy. Even on the 3DS on the Black and White version they're moving onto that they can't seem to realise that there is such thing as a 3rd dimension, Even if they're not going to put the game into come out of the screen 3d, bring in proper characters, Pokémon etc. The 3ds's power is just below the Wii's but yet they can't even muster 180 or so (Including trainers and shit aswell as Pokemon). Final Fantasy III and IV did that, Dragon Quest did that why can't Nintendo do it for Pokémon.
Sheer fucking lazyness is what I say. To bring some joy and a closer idea to how they design Pokémon in black and White check out this comic about a real Pokémon.


Daisy said...

Never played Pokémon as a kid. Sad I know, but I agree that all those Pokémon games have the same 'layout' - pretty sure they need to make new maps and new story lines haha.

I however like the graphics they have on Pokémon; its like there trademark. If they made it all 3d-ish... it just wouldn't be the same. It'll turn shit like the Pokémon Stadium games lol.

I bought Pokémon White and it's A LOT more challenging than I thought. They made it impossible now to grind up levels so beating the gyms is a lot harder which is fun, plus the maps new and so are the Pokémon.

They'll probably put the 3DS into good use with the next Pokémon game release. :)

Axle said...

There are at least a few non-dual-color pokemon games that have come out with 3D graphics. Pretty sure they didn't do as well as the main series. Not the same, but still.

However, there is a certain level of charm that is at least extremely easier to pull of with sprites. 2d graphics also age some hyperbole-like number times better than 3D. So yeah, graphics aren't everything.

I will completely give you that point it repetiveness and the continually more butt ugly looking pokemon. Though the second one is a little understandable.

Zombie said...

I need to find my yellow version...

Theusualtype said...

Graphics aren't everything but they need to improve. Pokémon is almost the only game that still uses sprites. Graphics aren't everything, Correct but they could easily make them into 3D models, Give proper animations to their moves easily whilst retaining their original charm and a simaler layout.

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