Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Top 5 Gaming Moments

What is all this commotion of TheUsualType once again trying to take over this Bl4rG I created? Well if he can talk about his top gaming moments then so can I. I choose 5 because its a nice round number, plus I want to outline that these moments is the reason why I love gaming and why its an amazing entertainment medium.

Spoiler Alert: All of these games consist of massive plot reveals these games consist of: BioShock, BioShock 2, Gears Of War 2, Limbo and Red Dead Redemption. 

So these aren't going to be in any specific order. I cant put a number on my favourite moment to be honest, they all are awesome moments in video games but I hope you'll certainly see why I love these moments.

Red Dead Redemption: The Confrontation of Dutch 
So first up was the best game I played last year Red Dead Redemption. Which is about John Marston, the main protagonist, trying to hunt down his old gang that remain threats to the west of America. The lawless land has changed with time due to the U.S. government looking to clean up the area from these psychopathic gangs. John, who is forced by government agents (Ross and Archer), finds redemption from his gang years by hunting down his old gang. However Dutch (the leader of Johns old gang) makes a defining moment in the game by making a speech that gave the whole experience of Red Dead Redemption worthwhile. John who is trying desperately to change his ways and seek redemption faces his old friend Dutch who reveals to him that you just cant fight change. What is key about this speech is that Dutch was right. 

Limbo: The End
Limbo is defiantly the best game on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Its is stunningly beautiful and has probably one of the best plots in a game. I was surprised at how bleak the game was yet when I got to the end I felt a full string of emotions. Its hard to explain and I tried to in my review but the only people who understand Limbo is the people who played it. The ending is what made the experience for me the innocence, the symbolism and the graphics is what blew me away.

BioShock: The Death of Andrew Ryan
This is the very moment that started my long addiction to BioShock. There is no better story in a game than BioShock. There is nothing better than it when it comes to storyline. This one moment proved to me that games aren't just mindless shoot em ups. Andrew Ryan proves that your either a man or a slave, and wishes to die at his own terms by the hand of his son. And just when you think all is well the shit truly hits the fan when your guiding friend proves to be the real enemy.

BioShock 2: Ending (Good) 
Another great moment in the BioShock franchise that made this game a worthy sequel of the titan BioShock. This ending just made me love the series even more than I already did. The amazing voice acting from Irish actress Sarah Bolger makes this scene. But the truly amazing thing is the what you did in the game to achieve this ending. From the beginning you are aware that your Little Sister Eleanor has been keeping a watch over you, and from the start you are setting an example for your daughter. By every act you are doing in the game you are paving the way for your daughter by example. Saving the Little Sisters and turning the cheek to the people who have wronged you brings you to this final little cut scene. This ending made the whole game worthwhile and to some is a tearjerker.

Gears Of War 2: Dominic Santiago Finds His Wife, Maria
This is why I love Gears Of War. Gears Of War 2 was the second game I played on the Xbox 360 and playing through the single player campaign with my good friend Spartan3PC proved to be an awesome experience. It was a good laugh to play through the horribly violent bits of Gears Of War 2 chainsawing people etc. But when Tai killed himself that was when the experience became much more serious, resisting to think about which character would die next we came to find that killing him was not the worst you could put these guys through. Dominic, evidently my favourite character in the series, is clearly the likeable character not the glorified war hero we would expect him to be. He is likeable because he is relatable to a certain extent, he makes a joke when appropriable and carry's a background full of horrors. What is ultimately amazing about Gears is how even though these men know that their world is completely destroyed they can still make jokes about their lives and their situation. Dominic is no glorified war hero, he is a hero because he still finds meaning in his life when there is truly nothing left. When me and Spartan 3PC watched this scene we instantly became silent, watching a tortures scene like this requires that, shivers went down my spine from the music and the amazing voice acting by Carlos Ferro.

Hope you enjoyed these scenes I put together. Defiantly nice list I put together here, some of my favorite games here. Share any of your favourite moments if you'd like. 


Major.Mack said...

wtf? I havent played any of these.....gonna have to up my game i suppose :)

Adam Timmins said...

None? :O

Kelli said...

Red Dead was definitely one of my favorite gaming moments. After John Marston did his duties and reunited with his family I automatically felt it wasn't the end. The way John Marston came to his death is one I will remember that filled me with very sad emotions.

Another favorite gaming moment was the end of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood when Desmond got ahold of the Apple and it forced him to stab Lucy... my mind filled with so many questions, but as I searched the internet to find an exact answer.. there was none... everyone had totally different answers which means everyone looked at this story a different way. It left a big open space for another game in the series... If there is one.

Last is Heavy Rain... I was surprised on who the oragami killer was and the reason why he was behind it was kind of sad. You had a choice on whether to save him at the end... I thought he would attack me again if I saved him but I left that S.o.b die

Theusualtype said...

The whole Atlas really being Fontaine reminds me of Liquid Snake pretending to be Master Miller. Methinks they're related?

Adam Timmins said...

I really wanna try out Heavy Rain. And I am glad you didnt ruin it for me :)

Kelli said...

I tried to summarize leaving a little suspense ;). Oh and I heard it is really fun to play with the motion controller.

LoneIslander said...

Bioshock is awesome but still creeps me out Majorly

Adam Timmins said...

I did play it with the motion controller. Its the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life, I felt disabled afterwards.
Another reason why I love BioShock its very creepy.

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