Monday, March 7, 2011

Good internet games.

Hey everyone.
This past weekend i've been playing a few games around teh interwebz and after many "My top ,,, internet games" i've found some real gems in between... literally the shit.

Super Mario Bros Crossover
This is a great little game which as far as I can tell is the original Super Mario Bros with various nintendo characters, each with their own midi songs and sound effects from their respective titles. Each characters have specific moves and movement. Some notable characters for myself were;
Simon from Castlevania
Link from the Legend of Zelda
Samus from Metroid.
Overall a very good addicting game all round.

Clickplay 3

This is a very unusual game. It's a black and white puzzle game where you must uncover symbols simaler to the ones on Blu-ray and DVD players through a various battery of puzzles. Some are good, some are weird, some are near impossible to do but it's a great game. The cheery jazz music is a nice touch also. Nice game, Good tunes look forward to next sequel

Interactive Buddy
A game that's been around for years and needs a very little introduction. Interactive buddy is where you... well interact with your own buddy. You can pick him, punch him, shoot him, shock him, throw babies at him + Loads more. You can get loads more skins for him such as Michael Moore, Napoleon Dynamite and Tinky Winky. There's also lots of little gadgets and special features you can edit.

The Shift Series (Page where the series can be found)
Shift is a series of games where you play as a certain character and must defeat an evil scientist. This was a game I found one day on my own from trollingz round the internet. The idea is if you can't find a way, Shift. Once you press shift your world becomes inverted. It's an ingenious little game and well worth a look at.

Hope you enjoy these games like I did. Enjoy


Axle said...

SMB Crossover and Shift are awesome games, indeed.

LoneIslander said...

I love playing shift.

EngageBlueberry said...

Shift is cool, but you forgot happywheels

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