Friday, June 25, 2010

E3 Highlights: Halo Reach didnt impress me!

When I was watching Microsoft's press conference live I was going crazy over the Gears Of War 3 Demo it impressed me so much Call Of Duty was decent it was kinda cool but nothing great like last years with Modern Warfare 2, Fable 3 was just a trailer and was pretty much nothing in my eyes im not a Fable fan but I have always wanted to be convinced to buy the games however theres not much reason for me out there, so Halo Reach came after Fable 3 (I think) and was mildly disappointed there wasnt anything much new in the campaign at all so I was left annoyed, I looked at everyone else's comments and they seemed impressed and I was wondering why I didnt like it at all.
And your point is?

I played the Beta and to be honest im not that big into Halo multiplayer but I did know the big differences and that was just the new game types which where quite fun and the new ability which where decent, they weren't great and they didnt change anything in the mutiplayer so I overall I found it okay, nothing perfect. So I was REALLY hoping that Halo Reach's campaign would win me over to ensure that I was defiantly going to pre order, but sadly it didnt.
Im going to keep my eye out for the next couple of months on to the release date so far ive got no feeling for that game and nothing looks fresh for me.


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