Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Gamer

Its weird these days, the rapid increase of gamers coming to Xbox Live and the PSN is quite crazy. With the success of online games such as Halo 2, Halo3 and Call Of Duty 4 it has put more hours into the game and brings a much bigger competitive background to it. It could lead to addiction but then again nearly everything can, but people need to understand that you need to at least have an interest in gaming in general to be addicted. I play games whenever I find it necessary and yea it can be alot sometimes like when I get a new game, but if I want to just talk to friends well thats all it is then isint it? Just because im on an Xbox doesnt mean im playing games like snorting cocaine and eating constantly such as vicious stereotypes (which by the way is a ridiculous accusation, gaming is nothing like taking cocaine) its become a much more of a social service now with all the latest updates and yes a phone maybe more social and meeting people through the internet isint making friends much at all, but I talk to my friends on Xbox and organize shit mostly on Xbox because I dont have any fucking credit ever so I talk to them through that, or Facebook which is on Xbox to by the way.

Dont you hate when idiot's like Pope make horrible theorys to make parents more paranoid? Its fucking horrible is what it is. I play games for the same reason I watch movies or read a book or comic, I just want a good story and the maximum amount of enjoyment I can get from one, after all I pay in the end 50 euro for each game so a full experience is what I expect in a game. I prefer single player over multiplayer games because you got more out of them. Alot of folks overact when peoples like Pope give that much negativity to video games, I like to sit down and just play a single player game for ages so I can reach the end and yes this can be bad at times like this video for example. 

We do get the impression that we are wasters and for somewhat I agree were not doing anything constructive but in the end gaming is no different than watching television, yet were deemed much more upon then a man watching television. But then again they do have every right I mean just watch someone play Modern Warfare 2 they become incredibly aggressive I myself even get pissed alot in that game. There huge difference I suppose but I myself consider I play quite responsible and know when its quits.
The online gaming community is an asshole theres no doubt about it, I mean we will find a couple of sound people on the odd time but if God made a person like everyone in the gaming community he would be Chris Angel yea not that good is it? We really to reinvent ourselves just look at this guy (Its not real): 


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