Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days Trailer Reveals Some Plot Details

New Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days Trailer

I liked Kane and Lynch: Dead Men it was real gangsta fucked up shit but it was awesome, it was the only game I said absolutely terrible gameplay, graphics and controls but the storyline and the characters where amazing hands down.
So it wasnt much of a surprise when I heard they where making a second game, I mean it wasnt ALL bad.
Its on my most hyped list because I love the art direction there going for, I love that static Youtube quality look like in this teaser:
Thats gameplay folks! Just kidding but how awesome would that be :P
Anyway we get a rough story from the E3 trailer save the bitch etc etc, however I am looking forward to Lynches perspective, here me rooting for it!


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