Thursday, June 3, 2010

Every Marvel Film is Just One Big Hype To The Avengers Movie!

Regardless to what you say, its true, after Iron Man 2 it started as if the Hulk and Iron Man would be building it up but without a doubt were starting to see the formation of The Avengers. 
I thought that The Avengers would be filling in for the Hulk and Iron Man would continue on solo, however with Iron 2 release and the vague ending to show that he isint part of program at all, showed that the timeline isint what we thought, it was obviously showcased to bring in Captain America and Thor into the wider picture that is The Avenger. Not saying this is a bad thing, absolutely not at all, its really an awesome thing thats happening, Thor and Captain America is set to release itself in 2011, so no delay whatsoever but just recently the concept art has came out for both actors Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans

Not bad, except Thor he looks stupid, I dont know just dont get that God vibe from him, but the layout for Thor is awesome Anthony Hopkins as Odin? I think that question answers for itself, Captain America also has Hugo Weaving as The Red Skull not bad eh? 
There still loads of hope if your not digging the concept art but regardless everything sounds amazing!


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