Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bulletstorm - Dev Diary, Epic Edition (Early Access To Gears Of War 3 Beta) and MULTIPLAYER!!

Ahhhh...Bulletstorm you amaze me with all the content you just released in the past couple of weeks making you my most anticipated game in the first quarter of next year...P.S. I love you! 
So first of all I want to talk about the multiplayer mode of Bulletstorm sadly there is no player vs player online modes, but instead adopts Gears Of War's Horde mode and storms the bullets up...Polish style...? Anyway there is a 4 player co-op mode called Anarchy which takes the basic wave on waves of AI but with a leash, foot and all the wacky guns Bulletstorm has to offer. But here's the big twist, you must achieve a certain amount of skill points before you can continue to the next round. The other mode is named Echo, where the player re-plays the campaign scenes by himself in order to achieve the most points. After, he can compare scroes with his friends or against the world thanks to the online leaderboards.
Cannot understand the madness of Bulletstorm? Allow these video's to explain:

So Bulletstorm is the created by the folks at People Can Fly a Polish studio that is apparently crazy according to Cliffyb via his twitter. They where bought out by Epic Games a while ago and since then have been developing Bulletstorm. Both studio's relationship is a very homosexual one, where they both love to show their muscularity and their masculinity by creating massive men with huge penises....I mean guns... 
So its not a surprise that we are getting early access to the Gears Of War 3 Beta coming this April, a tad bit unusual that the publishers EA allowed this but I guess that shows how independently awesome Epic Games are. The special edition on the Xbox 360 will be named the Epic Edition. 

So the writter of Bulletstorm is Rick Remender (clearly damaged goods) who is a comic book artist/writer who worked on a lot of sick things in his time such as XXXombies , The Last Christmas and Punisher War Journal. Rick has worked on one other video game title which he wrote Dead Space in 2008. You can see him up to his face in this video where he talks about the colourful characters he has created in Bulletstorm.

Also a very Merry Christmas from the folks at People Can Fly :)


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