Thursday, December 23, 2010

inFAMOUS Becomes New DC Comic Book

So DC has once again snatched up another franchise to turn into a comic book, and since the art style of inFAMOUS is based off comic books it would certainly be a shame not to test Cole (the protagonist) heroism in a comic of his very own. 

After all there is a story to tell in the 6 issues that Sucker Punch and DC will be working on, of course with alongside William Harms and Eric Nguyen. Harms will be working on the plot while Nguyen will create the art. Both have very little experience especially on Harms part but Nguyen has a pretty slick website where you can check out his art.

The story of the two issue's will bridge the gap between the first game with inFAMOUS 2. You know, before he went to New Orleans and fought all those weird monsters. 

Expect to see art similar to this! 


Suciô Sanchez said...

What's inFAMOUS?

Adam Timmins said...

Game exclusive to the PS3.

level85nerd said...

Pretty impressive, i like infamous

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