Thursday, December 9, 2010

Are Video Game's Too Americanised?

Gaming these days gets far too familiar. The rough American accents, the simple inner city surroundings and the explosions we see on a hourly basis. Sure we fucking love it, but its far too similar to the big Hollywood blockbusters we see every day, it gets quite annoying after a while to be quite honest. 

In alot of games today I feel like im playing a piece of American propaganda alot similar to Hollywood quite frankly. The latest and biggest blockbuster released recently was of course Call Of Duty: Black Ops, where you play as an American soldier during the Vietnam and Cold War period. This game reeks of blockbuster action but I couldn't help notice that it felt like a classic case of propaganda, and yes I know its meant to be fiction but looking at Call Of Duty's quite decent historical accuracy in the past I felt a bit sadden by its departure of good storytelling. When I was taught Vietnam in school my basic understanding was that it was an utterly pointless war with absolutely no heroic elements whatsoever and to even consider it for a Call Of Duty game would be blasphemy to the series. And my understanding of the Cold War was that a bullet was never fired, so why didn't Black Ops go toward's the theme of 'war is bad'? Instead of America, fuck yea!
I see a loss opportunity right there, using a good theme for a game really supports the product like an infrastructure however Black Ops prefers to dumb things down.
Black Ops is just a classic example of a blockbuster game should look like, alot similar to Hollywood movies and nearly just as stupid as one.

Setting is also pissing me off in games recently, America is far too familiar. This goes along with what I said earlier about propaganda, im usually saving America in EVERY Tom Clancy game or at least in every Splinter Cell game. Sam Fisher is awesome (no doubt) but I get pissed off every time his country screws him over and yet in the end he always, somehow, manages to save it. Another game that pissed me off immensely this year was Medal Of Honor, which was rebooted this year. The controversial debate around the game was having the Taliban titled in the game, which for a lot of Americans didnt go down for them. As expected EA (the publishers) pulled out and named them Op For, taking out more or less the reality and the experience of today's warfare, pretty much all the game had going for. I could understand why the Taliban where kicked of the script, but was I the only one questioning why they didnt take the U.S.A out of the game? Smells like propaganda to me. However thats completely my opinion.

I see loss opportunity when I see games today, but hey thats media right? I have to get used to the idea that America more or less owns it, no matter which type it is. But games do need to learn to depart from the usual setting of America when looking for influence. For example, wouldn't the Grand Theft Auto series look amazing in London and go for a more Guy Ritchie style of things? I think so, and so would Bullet Tooth Tony!


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"Call of Duty - Strip Mall Shopping"

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