Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sexy Download's 21 December: Dead Space 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam

Its hard to ignore the amount of content that was released today I sadly only got to play two of the three content that was released which consisted of the free Dead Space 2 demo, the downloadable update of Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam and Dead Money the expansion of Fallout New Vegas. 
So Dead Space 2 demo was released today to give fans a taste of what they may play in January 2011. Was it a bad call from EA? Considering that a lot of fans have been pretty doubtful of the sequel since it was announced and rightly they should be. Sequels are scary and everyone knows it especially when it comes to horror because it is never scary a second time. That is incredibly threatening for a game like Dead Space that relies on its horrors to bring thrills, but does it deliver on the slight taste that I was just given? Well I can certainly say that it plays quite well and with Dead Space's three key rules of playing the game which consist of:
  1. Turn off the lights 
  2. Must be played in the dark
  3. And must have a spare change of nappies
Which is a great sign by the way, I defiantly shit myself at least twice throughout the demo. I hope that the likes of critics get the game before I do so I dont just run into to disappointed which happens a lot these days.  However if everything turns out smoothly with the games release im more than positive that I will be purchasing this.  

So another game that needed a lot of attention today was the release of Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam exspansion that takes the whole experience of Battlefield to Vietnam. So...what of it? Well I think its sex on legs to be honest with you. 

I just love these little expansions Dice make, the likes of Battlefield 1943 and this small little expansion are just awesome. They're short, balanced and just so fun to mess around in the sand box maps that it easily become distracting to actually kill some people in the game. If you downloaded the 2 gigabyte update Bad Company 2 had to offer a couple of weeks ago then you are all sorted to just jump right in and pay the 12 quid that it needs to access it. Sounds like a bitch right? But quite the contrary since you will be going ape shit about how fun and badass it looks. Its incredibly hard to replace Battlefield 2 and no not the console version of Battlefield 2 im talking about the real version, the PC version. Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam looks like a real filthy and worn torn version of Battlefield 2, but with all the more fun.

What really takes a shine to me in this game is the fact that you dont have to spend your time trying to upgrade or unlock your weapons. Your given all the tools of war that is necessary to kill fuck loads of people at the start of the game, which makes the game quite balanced. 

Im really enjoying my time with this game and if you like Battlefield Bad Company 2 then there is no excuse to  not get this game.


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